1. Duties
2. Education
3. Country
4. Skill or capability
5. Festival
6. Adulthood
7. Dress/garments
8. Data processor
9. Family & Friends
10. Cooking
11. leave
12. Satisfaction
13. Recreation
14. Information superhighway
15. freedom
16. Theme
17. Next-Door Neighbour.
18. Media


2. Where do you work?
3. What is the job profile?
4. In which sector you are doing job?
5. Why you choose that job?
6. Do you like your job?
7. Did you satisfy with your job?
8. Which kind of duties you have?
9. How is the behaviour of your colleagues with you?
10. What responsibilities do you have in your job?
11. Do you plan to continue your job in the future?

2. Education

1. What is the meaning of education for you?
2. Why education is important for us?
3. Do you thing that women’s also have right for education?
4. What ids the different between rural area and urban area’s education?
5. Should there be free college education for girls?
6. Do you think college degree help us to get good job?
7. Education or experience what is more important for good job?
8. Now a day’s education is for expensive for us what is the view on that?
9. Due to pandemic situation all school colleges & university started online classes. Do you agree with that?
10. What is more comfortable for you online classes or practical classes?

3. Country

1. How many states and terrorises in our country?
2. What is the other name of India?
3. In which state is silent valley located?
4. Which of the following country is the biggest steel manufacturer?
5. Which country has the greatest number of volcanoes in the world?
6. What is the name of capital of Madagascar?
7. In which year Columbus discovered America?
8. What is the range of Mount Everest?
9. The World Development Information Day was observed on which date?
10. Which of the following organizations is created especially for providing credit to small and medium enterprises in India?

4.Skill or capability

1. Tell me about yourself?
2. What applicable skills and experience do you have?
3. What is your greatest strength?
4. What is your greatest weakness?
5. Describe a challenging work situation/project and how you overcame it.
6. Why are you the best person for the job?
7. Describe a time when your workload was heavy and how you handled it.
8. Describe how you managed a problem employee.
9. How do you handle stress and pressure?
10. How will your greatest strength help you perform?

5. Festivals.

1. How many festivals are there in India?
2. Why festivals are very important in India?
3. Which city is famous for Bali Jatra festival?
4. In which country is the Salzburg Festival held every year?
5. In which State is the Madhavpur Mela held annually?
6. Kambala traditional buffalo race held in the State of India?
7. Which city hosts the Kala Ghoda Art festival in February every year?
8. Sarhul is a festival celebrated held in which state?
9. Ahatguri in Assam is famous for which festival?
10. In which of the following states is the Hornbill Festival held annually?

6. Adulthood

1. Describe personality and work related issues in midlife?
2. What are the emotional changes in middle adulthood?
3. What are the emotional developments in adulthood?
4. What emotional & social development occurs during middle adulthood?
5. What are the 5 stage of emerging adulthood?
6. What is expected in early adulthood?
7. Why is early adulthood important?
8. What are the important tasks of early adulthood?
9. What cognitive decline is typically experienced in middle adulthood?
10. What cognitive skill increase in middle adulthood?

7. Wear/customs/garments

1. Give names of two associations in America which campaigned for women’s dress reform in the 19th century. Who were their leaders?
2. What reform did women’s movements demand in the dress code?
3. Why did Indians during the national movement search for a national dress?
4. Name some textile centres in India which declined due to British colonial policies.
5. What is khadi?
6. Give any two reasons why traditional feminine clothes were criticised in the 1830s in England.
7. Name any two classes of Indians who readily accepted western clothes.
8. Briefly discuss the role of the Tagore family in formulating a national dress.
9. Briefly discuss the role of the Tagore family in formulating a national dress.
10. Why did Indians wear turbans?

8. Data processor

1. Under the GDPR, a Data Protection Officer must be appointed
2. When you employ how many people?
3. Who would you contact if a high risk personal data breach occurs?
4. How much of your customers personal data and sensitive data
5. Is actually encrypted both at rest and in transit?
6. Does your data processing/ data collecting technology have
7. Privacy and protection principles built into it?
8. How does your company obtain appropriate consent for
9. Processing data online?
10. What is your company doing to prepare its employees for GDPR
11. What are the major security risks that you have identified in your
12. Where is your data being saved and stored (cloud solutions or
Hosted locally)?
13. What type of data are you using and creating on a daily basis?
14. How do we protect sensitive information handled and stored by
third-party vendors?

9. Family & Friends

1. How did your family spend time together when you were young?
2. What did your friends do for fun when you were young? Did you have a best friend?
3. What relation is important for you in your life?
4. With whom you feel comfortable with family or friends?
5. With whom you most enjoy when you go for the picnic?
6. What does friendship mean to you?
7. How close and warm is your family? Do you feel your childhood was happier than most other people’s?
8. How do you feel about your relationship with your mother?
9. If you were going to become a close friend with your partner, please
10. Share what would be important for him or her to know.
11. Of all the people in your family, whose death would you find most
disturbing? Why?
12. Complete this sentence: “I wish I had someone with whom I could

10. Cooking

1. Which side of the foil are you supposed to cook on?
2. What’s the best way to melt chocolate?
3. I purchase eggs from a farmer and they are often irregular sizes. How do I properly weigh or divide them for use in baking?
4. Why does my pound cake deflate when I take it out of the oven?
5. What’s the best way to improve knife skills without taking a course?
6. Which herbs and spices are OK to buy dry? Which are better fresh?
7. Which part of the green onion (scallion) is supposed to be used—the green or the white or both?
8. If a recipe calls for wine, is it best to choose a dry wine?
9. What’s the best method for cooking a burger indoors at home without a grill?
10. Why do shrimp turn red when cooked?
11. How long does it take to preheat an oven?
12. for more delicate baked goods, such as macaronis and soufflés, what is the best way to adjust for minor altitude (3000 ft in my case)?
13. What is the best way to protect my dried goods from little critters?
14. How do you say hanger steak in Spanish? (I live in Venezuela and would like to know how to buy/order it.)
15. What’s the best method for cooking a burger indoors at home without a grill?

11. Leave

1. What is the meaning of leave for you?
2. What does u do if you leave from your work place?
3. How will you convene to your boss?
4. What does u you do if your boss refuse your leave?
5. What will your next plan to convince your boss?
6. If your boss cancelled your leave, you will still want to leave?
7. What is important for your job or family?
8. Are you ready to quite the job?
9. Or you want to try once again to convene to job?
10. Are you ready to join new job?

12. Satisfaction

1. What is the meaning of happiness for you?
2. What is the aim of your life?
3. Are you happy or satisfy with your life?
4. What you want to achieve in your life?
5. Are you satisfied with your job?
6. Did your boss happy with your work?
7. What is more important for you money or satisfaction?
8. What things give you happy and satisfaction in life?

13. pastime

1. If you could go back and change your past, what do
2. You think would improve in your life?
3. What usually triggers you to think about the past in a negative light?
4. What do you think about most when you start feeling bad about the past?
5. When you tell someone else about sad things from your life, which do you focus on the most?
6. when you think about things in your past that you wish you could change, what do you think those events mean about you?
7. What do you feel the most when you start thinking about negative things from the past?
8. Who do you usually blame for the parts of your past you most regret?
9. What is the best reason to write your recreated life down?
10. How should you react to a setback to your progress?
11. What is the best way to learn to be more mindful?

14 . Information superhighway

1. What is called the information superhighway?
2. What happen to information superhighway?
3. Who coined the phrase to information superhighway?
4. What is the first word used internet?
5. Why is it internet was defined as the information
6. Super highway brainy?
7. What netiquette means?
8. Why internet is powerful too?
9. What is information superhighway in e-commerce?

15. Freedom

1. What is freedom?
2. How important is freedom for you?
3. Would you fight for your freedom?
4. Is working 40 hours a week closer to freedom or slavery?
5. What does freedom feel like?
6. What comes to mind when you hear the word
7. Do you have as much freedom as you want in
Your life?
8. Do you have as much freedom as you want
In your country?
9. In what ways does your country take away
Your freedom?
10. Is everyone in your country equally free?

16. Theme

1. Make a list of common themes.
2. What is the definition of theme?
3. How do you determine the theme of a story?
4. What are some themes related to friendship? Family?
Acceptance? Perseverance?
5. What type of texts usually has a clear theme?
6. Which of the following statements best demonstrates the
Theme of this story?
7. How have you experienced the theme of this story in your
Own life?
8. What book or movie has a theme similar to this story? How
do you know?
9. Rewrite the story so that it has the theme.
10. Outline or act out two stories with the same character but
Opposing themes.

17. Next-Door Neighbor.

1. What is the meaning of next-door neighbor for you?
2. When did you move into the neighborhood?
3. Tell me about your previous next-door neighbor.
4. What sounds do you hear from your next-door neighbor
5. House on a daily basis?
6. What do you like to look at out of your window?
7. What is your favorite neighborhood walk?
8. What sights, sounds or smells do you notice coming from your
9. Next-door neighbor house?
10 Tell me about one of our other neighbors that you know.
11 Tell me about the nearest area where u live.
12 Is the area where you live is safe & secure.

18. Media

1. What is social media?
2. What are the top 10 social media apps?
3. How long has social media been around?
4. How does the media influence the people (general Public) to be with or against something? How do the media
and marketers manipulate the Public?
5. How do the media cover political campaigns?
6. How are media & technology depend on each other?
7. What is the most popular social media platform?
8. How is the media a positive influence?
9. How can we prevent media influence?

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