Skilled – Recognised Graduate visa (476)

Skilled – Recognised Graduate visa (476)

(For Engineers only / Engineering graduates)

 Skilled - Recognised Graduate visa (476)

This visa allows recent any Engineering graduates of selected abroad universities to gain up to one and half year of skilled work experience in occupations in demand in Australia. A one and half year temporary permit for engineering students of recognised abroad universities,   possessing skills in demand in Australia. There is no test required for this type of visa in Australia.

How can I get a Visa? / How can I Apply for Recognised Graduate visa (476)

You are eligible for this visa if you have completed your any degree in engineering or an eligible degree qualification in Engineering from any university, within the allotted period of two or three years from the lodgement of application.

Following are the eligible university degrees for you.

  • A bachelor’s degree
  • A postgraduate diploma
  • A masters degree
  • A doctoral degree

Your degree education must need / required the major subjects of study or specialisation in a various Engineering discipline. Engineering specialisations is included but are not restricted to the following streams:

  • Civil Engineering / construction engineering
  • Mining and Material Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering / pollution science
  • Mechanical, Production and Plant Engineering

Note:  for getting this VISA there are few basic qualification requirements are there for the Visa process, Age restriction is there.

•        You must be under 31 years of age on the day of making your program.

•        You must prove you fulfill the British terminology limit at the time you implement which can only be IELTS Analyze Review Type (TRF) Variety to demonstrate you have a group ranking of at least six on each of the four elements discussing, studying, hearing and writing

What can I do with this Visa?

This visa allows you and any secondary applicants included in your visa application to remain in Australia for up to one year and half month with no restrictions on work or study.  During this period you may choose to:

  • You can travel
  • You can work
  • Yu can undertake further professional studies
  • You can study to improve your English skills

If you are provided this visa you are able to live and perform in any part of australia and engage in any type of employment. You and any associated with additional candidates must however adhere to Australia laws. Once you hold this visa, you may implement for PR property whenever they want if you are able to fulfil the successfully pass marks on the General Skilled Migration points test.

This Visa allows recent graduate students of selected offshore colleges to gain up to one and half year of skilled experience in careers in demand in Australia. As a holder of this charge, you may implement for PR property whenever they want if you are able to fulfill the successfully pass mark on the General Skilled Migration points test.

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How can I Apply for Recognised Graduate visa (476)How can I get a Visa?Skilled - Recognised Graduate visa (476)What can I do with this Visa?

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