Gear up for Fall 2019 intake – Pittsburg State University- USA

Pittsburg State University is additionally called as Pitt State or PSU which may be a public university that has thousands of scholars within the Graduate and Undergraduate courses. The University is found in Pittsburg u. s.the most important population of scholars are the residents within the Pittsburg region. Almost 89% of scholars are Americans. PSU was founded in 1903 as a standard School but later in 1913 it became a full fledged institution named as Pittsburg State which eventually became Pittsburg University in 1977 after plenty of dedication and diligence. The University is found in Southeast Kansas with many technology centers, which are the most important academic buildings in Kansas.

Gear up for Fall 2019 intake - Pittsburg State University- USA






If you are willing to take admission in PSU

  • You should score 21 or higher on the ACT
  • Completed curriculum with 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • Residents must have a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • Should have 24 or more transferable college credit hours with at least a 2.0/4.0 cumulative grade point average.
  • IELTS/ TOEFL/PTE scores required.

Courses Offered

PSU offers many courses for Undergraduate and Graduate programs which gives the student the options to explore in their interest area and allows them to select the course of their choice.

The various courses for both undergraduate and graduate are:-

  • Automotive Technology
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Computer Management
  • Information Technology
  • Technology Management


  • Faculty

PSU gives you the best faculty with a lot of experience and intellectually strong personalities who helps you to enhance your abilities and brings the best out of you.

  • Flat tuition rate policy

The affordability you need is what PSU gives along with the flexibility. The flat tuition rate policy allows you to take the full time undergraduate course (enrolled in at least 12 credit hours) and graduate students (enrolled in 9 or more credit hours) to pay single tuition rate regardless of the amount of total credits taken.

Undergraduate Graduate
Instate $16,076 $16,942
Out of state $27420 $27,572
International student $29202 $29364


To make it easier for the students and parents and to reduce the burden the University offers the EMI option where inn students can pay the fees of the academic year in 4 installments provided the course fees should be more than $10,000

Almost 80% of the students at PSU get the Scholarship which helps them in the studies and supports them as well. There are many other financial aids as well, which the university provides.
The scholarship that a student gets is from $1000 to $6000 depending upon the grades and performance of the students.
There are even grants which are given to the students which are not to be re payed.

  • Facilities
    The various facilities available for the students on the campus is the major focus of the PSU as it plays an important role while a student pursue his studies. PSU believes in contributing to the development of the total person in academic, aesthetic, spiritual, social and physical all the areas.
  • Arts & Entertainment
    Arts and entertainment is one mode of relaxation that a student gets here to explore more of his own talent and participate in various art forms and be the a part of the entertainment. the foremost attraction is that the Bicknell Family Center for the humanities Located within the heart of Pittsburg State University’s campus, the Bicknell Family Center for the humanities is that the region’s premiere destination for the fine and humanistic discipline. Designed and constructed by the world’s most famed theater architects, this $33 million facility features a 1,100-seat performance hall, a 250-seat theater, a 3,500 square-foot room and state-of-the-art technology
  • Campus recreation
  • There are various campus recreation programs that are designed by the campus for the scholars further because the staff and faculties of PSU to supply the experiential learning to the people by giving opportunity to prepare also as participate within the activities just like the Sports Program. Also there’s the WEEDE Pool located within the Garfield WEEDE blog which allows you lap swimming and just floating on noodles to structured swimming lessons and fitness classes. The fitness program at PSU provide a secure and convenient environment where one can maintain and even improve the self health and be sure of the fitness similarly. the coed Recreation Centre helps you all told the stages. It’s an area where you’ll be able to sit with an exponent and luxuriate in the lounge and also enjoy various games like table game, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer etc.
  • Live on campus
  • PSU’s first priority is that the students and their studies. They totally target providing the most effective support services to the scholarsapart from studies there are lots of activities that a student can do. There are over 150 clubs that are pass by students and organizations, which range from Frisbee to music and even fishing depending upon the interest of the scholar. As PSU have students across the world say approximately 40 countries creates a global atmosphere on the campus.
    PSU offers a conventional apartment style suit living options as per the requirement of the coed. The rooms are furnished properly with the desired amenities like beds, desks and chairs and wardrobe. the opposite facilities like laundry, room cleaning, kitchen, and internet access everything is taken care. The life is extremely peaceful on the campus and you’ll be able to enjoy all the events that happen within the campus with ease. The food options available are as per the need and at a really reasonable cost. the simplest living with the simplest amenities at the simplest price is that the University housing. Campus is that the place that provides you the simplest experience not only the place to sleep and hangout but also enjoying every a {part of} the campus being the part of the campus. It’s about feeling safe and secure and not between unknown people and feel as if you’re always between friends, which the campus causes you to feel.


Documents Requirement for Applying in PSU

  1. Online application– At the latest, your application and all required application materials must be received by:

April 1: fall term (August)
November 1: spring term (January)

  1. Academic records

Original or certified, official secondary school records from grades 9-11(transcripts, marksheets, certificates, examination results, etc.) and any national/state examination results required in your country. Note: If your secondary record only includes grades 10-12, please submit the third year of your middle school transcript.

Literal translations of your records if they are not in English.

Official transcript evaluation:- Depending on the evaluation service you select, you may be able to send all your records to the evaluation service which will then forward them to Pitt.

  1. SAT or ACT results:-If you have taken either or both of these tests more than once, we strongly suggest you send all of your scores. We will take your highest sub scores and put them together for your composite score. We also require that you submit your writing score. Your official results should be sent by the testing agency directly to the University of Pittsburgh using the appropriate code number:

SAT – 2936

ACT – 3733

  1. Official TOEFL or IELTS results, if required.
  2. Transfer students and freshmen who have taken university credits should also submit:

Official post-secondary record :-If they are in a language other than English, literal, translated versions of them, and an official evaluation of those credits.

Official course catalog and/or course syllabus:-For all courses completed at a college or university outside of the U.S. or complete course descriptions for the courses, modules, and subjects that you have completed and plan to complete. If your records and/or course catalog or course syllabi are written in a language other than English, an English translation must be submitted. Submit this to the Office of Admissions.

Note: The University of Pittsburgh does not accept or recognize transfer credit evaluations done by other institutions or private credential evaluation services.

  1. Attestation of Financial Support– in order for students to receive their forms for their I-20 visa.


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