Overview of Top Free and Paid Spell Checkers

If you are currently looking for trusted, free, and powerful grammar or spell checkers that you can use on a daily basis, you should bookmark this page. We’ll review the best spell checking tools that are used by writers from all over the globe. If you dream of having properly styled and written content and wish to avoid erroneous spelling, you simply can’t do without spell checkers – powerful tools that allow you to make sure your business letters or texts have no misprints.

Best Spell Checker tool

Remember that badly written content with a wide array of spelling errors can ruin your reputation and kill the trust of your audience. For example, a resume that features spelling errors won’t help you get the job of your dream. If your website has blog posts with many orthographic faults, you will discourage them from visiting your website again. Moreover, good grammar and spelling is a significant indicator of high-quality content.

Let’s review the best and the most effective spelling correctors! Get comfortable and have a look!


If you are currently looking for a free and powerful spell checking solution, you should opt for Spellcheck.net. This tool is based on the LanguageTool application and offers a free English grammar and spelling checker. You only need to insert your text into a required field, wait until the software processes your request and you’ll see all the misspelled words. They will immediately be highlighted in a different color.

There’s also a free dictionary that can help you with your writing. Overall, it’s a superb free online spell checker that is always at hand!

Ginger Online

If English is not your native language and you wish to write like a professional, you can opt for Ginger Software. It’s a time-proven and tested spell checker that immediately highlights all your grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes.

Besides a set of standard features, Ginger also offers a wide array of extra options such as sentence rephraser, text reader, translator (supports 50 languages), and even a personal training option that allows you to improve your English faster!

However, this tool doesn’t offer a plagiarism checker. Therefore, if you need to check your content for plagiarism, you have to opt for other programs.

There’s a free version that allows you to make 14 free checks per month. If you need more, you should buy a subscription.


It’s powerful software for writers and bloggers. The overriding purpose of this tool is to quickly edit grammar and orthographic faults, remove all the misprints, and optimize the word choice! There are also terminology and style suggestions that allow you to enhance your writing.

On top of that, the program also offers various educational videos, explanations, and suggestions that allow you to improve your writing skills. This tool can also be easily integrated into Microsoft Office, Gmail, or Google Docs. You can also use it as a plagiarism checker. However, if you wish to enjoy all the features offered by ProWritingAid, you need to buy a subscription. Its free version gives access to a limited set of features.


You will hardly find a more popular grammar checker than Grammarly. Today, it has more than 20 million users. Grammarly is a must-have tool for bloggers and content writers. They love it because this platform can easily detect all types of mistakes, from misprints to sentence structure issues. The main features of Grammarly are as follows:

  • Easy to use grammar and spelling checker;
  • It offers various suggestions that can improve the general tone of your text.
  • Its paid version allows you to use a plagiarism detector.
  • Third-party integration is available.
  • User-friendly interface.

The greatest benefit of Grammarly is that it covers all the mistakes including spelling, punctuation, and grammar. There’s also a free tone detector that you can use to analyze the word choice.

We’ve just reviewed the most high-rated spell checkers. It is up to you to decide which one to use but if you realize that spelling is not your strong point, you have to use these online digital helpers on a daily basis. Gradually, you’ll start writing much better!

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