Misconception of Studies Abroad

Abroad Studies —– Too Costly!!!!
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Some people say Money is everything. With out money nothing is possible. Those are the people who would agree with the very first myth – Abroad Studies—– Too Costly!!!!

But the fact is Good and quality education remains costly whether it’s home country or abroad. If you analyze and compare the actual expenses incurred by you in real for pursuing education at your home country and studying abroad the figures are more or less similar.

Studying abroad may cost the same or sometimes even less than studying at your national university.

According to a survey the continuous increase in cost of education in India has started worrying parents as majority of parents spend on average more than Rs. 18 lakh-20 lakh in raising a child and giving quality education before their undergraduate studies.

Recently an increase in the annual fees of private engineering colleges by Rs. 8,000 and Government aided Engineering colleges increase in their fees by 30% and deemed universities also increasing their fees clearly indicates that if a student who wants to pursue his education in top engineering college in India has to shell a hefty amount for just tuition fees.

If we talk about IIT a recent development has been in an increase in annual fees of undergraduate students from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 90,000 is getting a worrisome note for students.

Though students passing out from IIT gets hefty salary package but getting admissions in IIT is a hard nut to crack.

So what do then most of the students do if they don’t crack IIT?

Answer is: They go abroad for higher studies.

Why even having a belief that abroad education is too costly, foreign land attracts huge number of students to pursue their education!!!

According to OECD research over 50% of international students from Asia i.e. China, India and Korea prefer studying abroad, to US, UK and Australia the most popular destinations.

Below are some of the reasons which outweigh costly affair of abroad studies

1) To obtain more than “Simple Education”:

Abroad Education creates a value addition to studies which helps students to stand out from the crowd when it comes to employment.”

Few Differences between Indian Education and Abroad Education:

The basic approach and methodology of teaching is different in abroad and India.
1. In India, the purpose of education is to find a suitable job. But the purpose of foreign education system is not to get a job or to make a living but overall development of an individual.
2. In India theoretical knowledge is given more importance than practical knowledge. Foreign Education does not restrict children to mere classroom studies. The grading system followed in foreign countries encourages blooming of individual talents in diverse fields.
3. In India syllabus revision has to be done frequently.
4. Academic certificates and Degrees are given more importance in India. It needs to understand that it’s not about collection of certificates but practical implementation of what is being taught in schools and colleges.
5. Updation in syllabus on a regular basis will help Indian Education fight with “Unemployment”.
E.g. – A student while or after completing his basic education has to again update themselves by joining a short term course by spending as much as they spent for their basic education.

2) Course Work: Some countries are famous for their expertise in particular areas or specific fields. Germany is known for it’s advances in engineering technology, the USA with top business and management programs such as Harvard, MIT and Stanford (to name but a few).
Australia well known for art and design and sport programs and Canada has its world renowned “co-op programs” Pursuing these course will give you a different experience and value addition to your career.

Career: Imagine your resume containing sentence as Masters of Business Administration from Oxford University, London, UK) How does it feel!! ! Don’t you feel elated and proud!!
Putting on CV that studied abroad adds value to it and at first instance impresses the interviewer. It proves your potential that you are an independent, career oriented individual who can adapt to any environment and situations.

Some other reasons :

• Willingness to travel far and wide.
• Flexibility.
• Good amount of disposable family income.
• Jobs with Education.
• Scholarships available for students.
• Student discount facilities.
• Good Infrastructure.
• Loan options available
• Wide range of courses to choose from.
• Living in a culturally diverse society, and making new friends and contacts.

The benefits that abroad study brings –
• Better English
• Work experience,
• Developing career-relevant skills

Thus Abroad Education is a unique experience that you can’t put a price on.’

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