What is LCA for H1b?

With this article your many doubts on LCA will be clear here. Here are few points that clearly explained about the LCA,

What is LCA for H1b?What LCA is about?

What are the uses of LCA?

How to apply for LCA?

When to apply for LCA?

This article will explain about all above question which is striking in your mind.

What LCA is about:  LCA it’s also called as Labor Condition Application. This is something which every employer needs to file before they apply for H1. How to apply for LCA: Before filing for a H1 employer need to feel LCA. This is specific to the area of employment in which the H1b employee would be working. As labor laws vary state to state, LCA must be filed as and when the place of employment changes i.e. client location of an employer. This is now about the duration of project how much years you are going to work or something like this.

Here are listed two to-do items for your employer needs to follow for filing an H-1B petition for you:

Filing an LCA with the DOL( Its Stands For Department of Labor)

File form I-129, petition for non-immigrant worker with the USCIS (Its Stands for United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).

When to apply for LCA: The Department of Labor i.e. DOL works to ensure that the admission of foreign workers to work in the United States of America will not adversely affect the job opportunities, wages and working conditions of American workers. Once LCA is certified by DOL, your employer may file your H-1B petition (I-129) for you. While your employer is filing your form I-129 (H-1B petition) with the USCIS, your employer also need to submit a certified Department of Labor (DOL) LCA (Form ETA 9035)  at the time of filing your petition.

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How to apply for LCAWhat LCA is aboutWhen to apply for LCA

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