Indian who took Higher Education from Abroad Universities?

Study abroad it’s a dream of all. Many of aim to study abroad and learn in different environment and different culture. Some of the benefits of study abroad are quality of education and exposure of new world. Every year lakhs of Indian students goes abroad and Takes Higher Education.

 Few benefits of studying abroad:

1. Experience a Foreign Culture

2. Learn How to Communicate Across Cultures

3. Become More Independent

4. Manage Your Own Finances

5. Increase Your Employment Prospects

6. Advance your academic and career trajectory.

With great career benefits many Indian going abroad, and pursue higher education. After taking education from Developed countries they start business in India and become a part of development of India. Here it’s a list of few Indians who study abroad from reputed universities and becoming a part of growing India.Indian who took Higher Education from Abroad Universities?

  • Rahul Gandhi: Education: Trinity College, Cambridge (1994–1995), Harvard University (1990–1991).P. Chidambaram
  • P. Chidambaram: Education: Harvard Business School, Harvard UniversityJawaharlal Nehru
  • Jawaharlal Nehru: Education: Trinity College, Cambridge (1907–1910)Salman Khurshid
  • Salman Khurshid: Education: University of OxfordMahatma Gandhi
  • Mahatma Gandhi: Education: University College LondonRatan Tata
  • Ratan Tata : Education: Harvard Business School, Cornell University, Harvard UniversityAzim Premji
  • Azim Premji: Education: Stanford UniversitySunil Bharti Mittal
  • Sunil Bharti Mittal: Education: Harvard Business School, Harvard UniversityKumar Mangalam Birla
  • Kumar Mangalam Birla: Education: London Business SchoolNoel Tata
  • Noel Tata: University of SussexAnand Mahindra
  • Anand Mahindra: Harvard Business School, Harvard College, Harvard UniversityRahul Bajaj
  • Rahul Bajaj: Harvard Business School, Harvard University

All above Indians took Education from Various Top Ranked Universities Worldwide. You also do the same and take education from any Best University in USA, UK or Australia and become a part of growing India.

 Hello Study Abroad Life!

indians took higher education from harvard universityindians who study abroad

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