IELTS Speaking Part-1 Topics


IELTS Speaking part-1 topics


  1. Study
  2. Why study is more important in our life?
  3. What would happen if studies were not in our lives?
  4. What can we achieve in life through studies?
  5. If you get chance to educate some poor children, would you like to teach them? Why?

2. Work/Study    1. It is important to do both studies and a job. What do  You think about this?

2.  What advantage you get if you only concentrate on studies first?

3.  What disadvantage you get if you do both things on same time ?4.  Are any benefits there if you do only job without studies, knowledge or experience?  

3. Your home or your house

1.   What is the difference between “a house OR a    home”?

2.  What is a home?

3.  What is a house?

4. Why do Elder Parents need to live in our  House ?

5. Why we thing that our elder parents always stay  with us? What are the important roles they play?

4. Friends, Friendship or socialising

1.    Are you social worker ? Do you like to help people in your community?

2.    Do you have Friends? What value does Your friends kept in your life?

3.   If there is a birthday or marriage of your  Best friend & on the same time you have   to attend one social rally also what you  Choose? Why?

5. People in your family and relationship   

   1. How many family members do you have in  Your home ?

2.   Are you elder or younger?

3.   What kind of relation you have with your family members?

4.   Do they even like you?

5.   What do you study or job?

6.   Which type of relations you have with your friends & colleagues?

7.   Did you enjoy their company?

6.Diet –types of food, meals, place to eat. 

  1. Are you heavy weight or foodie?      

   2. Do you like to eat chatter patter  Items ?        

  3. Which types of dish you like to eat   most?

4. If you feel that your weight is increasing in that case what do u do?

5. Did you think to start dieting?

6. Which types of food or meal you eat during   Dieting?

7. You are a foodie & you are on dieting did you  know the place where you get diet food?

7. Plants, Flower & places in nature

1. Do you love nature?

2. Do you love tree plants?

3. Do you like gardening?

4. What is your favorite flower?

5. What do trees and plants value in our   life?

6.   What we get from plants?

7.   How plants are helpful for us in our   life?

8.School,teacher & online classes 

1.     What has been the hardest part about moving your classes Online?

   2.   What has been the biggest challenge and why?

 3. How much work has it been moving your classes online?

   4. What do you miss about teaching in person?

   5. What are your biggest concerns about online teaching?

   6. What are you proud of?

 9. Holidays, place to stay, activities & journey

1.     Are you fond of traveling and seeing a new place?

2.     Which type of place would you like to visit and see?

3.     If you are going to a new place, then what kind of preparation will you go?

4.     Would you like a guide to move to a new place?

5.     Which types of activities will go by planning activities?

6.     What kind of preparation will you make for the journey?

7.     How will you pass the time in travel?

8.     Where would you like to stay?

10.Health & exercise (including mental exercise)


  1. Are you health conscious?
  2. Do you believe health is wealth?
  3. Do you go daily for the walk or gym?
  4. Why should we stay fit & healthy?
  5. Why fitness is necessary for our health?
  6. What you think about mental exercise?
  7. Do you believe in yoga & meditation?
  8. Thus they help to keep our mind & body clam & relax?
  9. How you feel whole day before meditations?

 11.Leisure time

1.   Are you student or employee?

2. Do you get very short holidays?

3. What do you like to do in your leisure time?

4. With whom you like to spent your leisure time?

12.  Sports (types of sports)

1.            Are you interested in sports?

2.            How much do you know about sports?

3.            Do you watch the Olympics on T.V?

4.    Which is your favorite game?

5. Did you ever participate in any sports in school or   College days?    

  13. Types of Animals (your experience of   Animals)     

1. How many types of animals do we have on this earth?

2. Do you love animals? What is your favorite animal?

3. Have you ever encountered a wild animal in private?

4. If yes, how was the experience it was?

5. Which is the most dangerous animal according to   You?

14. Visitors to your home       1. Who is the visitor?    

   2. The goods that come to sell at our house are also  Called visitors?

3. How should we meet visitors?

4. Have you ever been go for visit at anybody place or   shop?

5. How was the experience?

15. Bags, Shoes and Accessories       

1. Do you like shopping?    

   2. What do you like to buy from shop?

3. Where do you like shopping from the mall or local   Market

?4.    Do you like to look beautiful when you go for any occasions or marriage?

5.     Did you like to wear good dress with nice and sober accessories and jewelleries?

6.     Do you like to carry nice hand bag also?

7.     Which types of Handbags you purchase?

8.     Which type of shoes or sandal you like to wear?

9.     Did you feel comfortable in high heel sandals?

10.    Or did you feel more comfortable in chapel or belly?

11.     Do you wear shoes according the place you go?

16. Shops, purchase & money

1. Do you like shopping?

2. Which types of things you like to purchase?  

  3. Do you just go for your own shopping or buy household Items too?

1. Do you negotiate with the shopkeeper when you go Shopping?

2. Why can’t we bargain while buying in big shopping malls?

3. Do you take care of your expenses while shopping?

17. Gifts and special occasions.    

1. Do you like gifts?

2. Should we exchange gifts on some special occasion?

3. How did you feel when someone gave you a surprise Gift?

4.  Have you ever made a surprise gift plan for someone     Special?

18. Cars, buses, trains & planes?     

  1. If you are thinking of going somewhere outside the  city, which one would you like to go to?

2. In which transport do you think that traveling safe. Land transport, or air transport?

3.   Which way do you enjoy going out of town?

4.    Which way is the cheapest way for travel?

5. In which way you thing that travelling is cheap & safe for journey?

6. Do you like to travel in plain?

7. Tell me the advantage & disadvantage of travelling by land transport &  Air transport?

19. Music, songs & singing           

  1. Do you like music?               

  2. Which type of music & songs u like?               

  3. Did you like to singing?                

4. Which type of singer you are?              

   5. Did you take any classes for singing?             

    6. Did you ever take part in singing completion in your school or   College?

7. Did you ever try to take participate in national television program?                

  8. Does your family support you in learning to singing   & music?

9. Are you fond of playing any instrument besides  Singing?

10.  If you get a chance, which instrument would you  Like to learn to play?

11. Have you ever take training from some guru for   Singing?

20. Films & TV

1. Do you like to watch movies?

2. Do you like to watch T.V?

3. Which types of movies did you like to watch?

4. Which is your favorite program on T.V?

5. Did you like to watch news channel on T.V?

6. Did you like to watch sports channel?

7. Where do you enjoy watching movies like at theater   or on TV?

21. Writing- letters, emails & massages     

  1. on our previous days when there was no internet   Facilities how people commutate with each other?  

    2.  with the help of internet does your life & work   become easy?    

  3. What is the advantage & disadvantage of internet?   

4. How has the internet affected our family relationship?

5. Has internet and mobile taken away our childhood from  Children?

6.  What role did internet and mobile play in this  Pandemic work?

22. Happiness, enjoyment & fun

1. Why is it important to spend time with your family  and friends?

  1. What are the three most important things for you to be happy?
  2. If you were in a circus, which character would you be?
  3. Who’s your favorite comedian?

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