How Long Can a Student Stay After His Education in USA?

 Everyone wants to stay in the United States after completing their study there; this post will explain how long you can stay in the United States and how you can do it. What are your options if your stay in the United States is nearing to an end and you want to stay longer to explore professional opportunities in the country?

How Long Can a Student Stay After His Education in USA?

On an F1 visa, you are allowed to stay in the United States for one year after completing your course. Extension — A new law provides for a 24-month extension for students taking STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Student visas are usually only valid for the duration of their studies. For example, if a student is pursuing a two-year degree, he or she will be granted a two-year visa. However, if the student plans to work in the United States, they should start looking for opportunities as soon as possible after graduation.

They can change their student visa to a work visa this way. The practical training visa covers the time between finishing university and starting full-time work. This visa is good for a period of twenty-nine months. Students can work full-time during this time and apply for and obtain a full-time work visa with the support of their employer.

Of course, the institution will assist students with all of the necessary paperwork for this process.

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