GMAT: Analysis of Issue

Helpful Tips while writing "Analysis of Issue”

“Analysis of Issue”

Introduction: Guidelines and It’s Purpose

AWA or “The essays” are the first section of the exam. Total allotted time for this section is 30 minutes each for two essay typing.

Scoring of AWA

The essays are scored separately on a scale of 6 points. Though they are scored separately it still has to be taken verrry seriously!!!

But why do you have take an essay writing seriously… lets see !!

As “the essays” are not included into the overall score out of 800 (they are scored separately, on a scale of 6 points), they are often neglected. But the most important reason for taking this test as had been already discussed in initial point is to check your analytical and reasoning skills while writing  more than your writing skills.

B-schools want to see your writing skills with reasons and logics in just 30 minutes (overall 60 minutes). “Your skills under pressure are being checked constantly”.

This test basically tries to check whether you have the ability to carry on your shoulders responsibilities as a manager or be your own boss in coming future. And why not, as it is the question of Gen Next taking the economy and growth of the nation on their shoulders. So, judgment is taken via such tests. Good businessmen or women after having work experience of 20 – 30 years learn their lessons well and carry their traits to run their business successfully and learn to deal with complicated situations complacently without repeating mistakes . Business schools want to see upfront that you have at least a glimmer of this skill. People who do not learn from mistakes are destined to repeat them.

In short we can say this test is to check out that your managerial skill or in hindi we can say to check whether you have ‘Managerial Keeda” in you or not.

So if you haven’t taken this step or tests seriously then mind it because you may  get into a big trouble as you may  face difficulty and may get tired on the day of the exam.

So, practice your AWAs and climb your first step to success. Also, if you practice it well, you will avoid the difficulty of solving maths section, otherwise it can get too tiring!!


In “Analysis of Issue”, you are given a statement or pair of statements about a topic (The topics are straightforward and require no special knowledge.)

       Helpful Tips while writing “Analysis of Issue”

  • Your first task is to decide whether you agree with the statement or disagree with it. You will be expected to explain your position on an issue. And also justify it with proper reasoning and evidences. All the issue topics will have two sides. There is no “right” side or ‘left’ side. You have to decide your position on the topic after consideration of the pros and cons.
  • It is more of a debate in which both the parties are always correct. But the most important point is how strongly you present your opinion on the topic given. So do not sit on the fence, take up a side and strongly elevate it.  If you waffle or remain uncommitted, you will lose points.
  • It’s always good to plan your essay before you start actually writing it. You can think about the points that will help your essay and your chosen position  to become stronger and smarter and then present your ideas strongly. As obviously this race is to check who has better ideas and it’s presentability.
  • Usage of specific examples is very important to support your view point on the topic given.
  • Presenting your opinions in a holistic way to present an overall view about the topic given can be one of the parts while writing but be careful to remain aligned to the side you have taken up on the topic.
  • You will need to read the specific instructions carefully to make sure your response aligns well with the directions.
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Analysis of IssueGMAT: Analysis of Issue

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