General Requirement for getting PR in Germany

Germany is considered one of the most favorite countries amongst the youth to move there and get settled there. But there are various factors that affect one choice of selecting the country to settle abroad. As the economy of Germany is performing very well and the education system as well as the employment opportunities are more as compared to any other country. If you wish to go to Germany you have to have a very valid reason and if you are planning to immigrate or settle permanently there then it has various other requirements that you have to fulfill. The various reasons for the immigration can be anything from education to employment and business to permanent residency.
General Requirement for getting PR in Germany
There are various requirements for different purposes for immigration to Germany. Depending on the purpose you have to be very clear what requirements you have to fulfill.

General Requirements for getting PR in Germany

  • Proof of Financial Stability

It is very important for every individual to maintain his financial status and stability while thinking about an overseas destination. When you are willing to settle abroad with the Green Card it becomes mandatory to show and prove your financial stability and convince that he or she can finance themselves well in Germany. If you are going to work in Germany, you must have the initial funds enough to support and cover your expenses till the time you get your salary after joining the company and working for a month. That means you should be able to show the efficiency of surviving in Germany for more than 2 months.

  • Possess a Health Insurance

Having a health insurance is the most important parameter for the eligibility for green card in Germany. You will not be allowed to move to Germany without having valid health insurance coverage. It is always better to take the German Health Insurance  you never know whether they will accept other foreign heath insurance or not. Taking a German Health Insurance makes it easier for you to migrate to Germany and fulfill all the requirements that you feel you have for the Green Card.

  • Basic German Language Proficiency

Being proficient in the basic German Language is the most important factor for migrating to Germany. It is mandatory to know the German Language before going to Germany as it becomes easy for you to communicate with the local people and survive in all the conditions and language requirements. The German Language is divided into 3 parts that is basic, proficient and advanced. If you are planning for the studies and temporary migration you have to clear the basic or proficient level, but if you want to get a permanent residency then you have to clear the advanced level.

  • Standard Residency Permit

When you get one of the visas for immigration, you will also get a residence permit. The residence permits can be temporary and permanent. Temporary residence permits allow foreign nationals to stay in Germany for a specified period of time and then return to their home countries. Permanent residence permits mean that the foreign national can stay in Germany as long as they want to, can leave and return to the country whenever they want to. However, a permanent residence permit does not mean that you get a German citizen. That is another process entirely. In general, Germany has two temporary residence permits and one permanent.

  • PR Requirements

The mandatory requirement for applying or being eligible for permanent residency you must be:-

  • Residing in Germany for 5 years at a stretch
  • Have a secured livelihood and insurance
  • Have a minimum required living space
  • Basic Knowledge of German Language
  • No Criminal Record

These basic requirements are to be fulfilled while applying for the PR. If you stayed in Germany for 8 years, then you can apply for German citizenship and become a German citizen.

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