Future prospects for students after 12th out of India

Traditionally, the Indian students who thought of studying abroad for higher studies were restricted to engineering, medicine and law. But with education loans becoming easier, good job prospects and scholarships available Indian students are going abroad for undergraduate courses in Commerce, Accountancy, Science and Humanities. There are a number of opportunities to study abroad after 12th. With a number of colleges, countries & courses to choose from and a convenient visa procedure for students that are encouraging number of students to turn towards foreign countries. In addition to that, government of India provides education loan for students aspiring to study abroad. And moreover, countries all over the world today somehow invite students to come and be with them. Don’t believe See how  The government of Australia has relaxed several laws to international students and the degrees are less costly there.

Future prospects for students after 12th out of IndiaCanada is now the most educated country in the world, according to a latest report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Canada is the only nation where over half of all adults had a tertiary  education in 2010. Colleges in Germany are famous for the technical education and specially known for Mechanical Engineering. New Zealand is one of the most famous countries in terms of living and People are warm, safe society, plenty of opportunities for good students and many more. American universities are widely known for the quality of their teaching and research. It is most popular among Indian students. American education accpeted worldwide. Well, the idea to study abroad is always good as the opportunities are endless over there with scholarships available to students. And yes a good College, good academic performance and grades will improve your chances of finding a job abroad.

Courses that have good prospects of Career Opportunities Abroad


There are a lot of career opportunities for students who graduate with an engineering degree under their belt and if you are considering a degree in engineering, you should not get disappointed. International students whether they have studied electrical, chemical, mechanical, civil, there is a high demand for their new gained skills.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the United States Department of Labor, students who have completed their engineering degree are the ones who can have highest paying jobs in the United States and guess what, they only require a bachelor’s degree for an entry-level position. The international job market for engineering is also promisingand boasts a high demand for engineers due to the major commercial and industrial expansion that they are undergoing.

Engineering sectors like Computer Science and IT has a good scope of job in USA/Europe.

Here are some good Engineering branches, which will help you build a good career abroad-

  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Geophysical Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Material Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering

The Core Engineering Branches and Petroleum Engineering Branch has a good scope of job opportunities in Gulf Countries.

Not only B.Tech course in case of sectors like IT and Computer Engineering, even B.Sc. courses and BCA course will help you out.


Qualified Indian healthcare professionals are always in huge demand in Western countries as well as Gulf countries. In India, what we suppose is Healthcare professionals are not given the satisfactory remuneration that they truly deserve in India. But abroad health care professionals can surely earn a good salary package.

Popular Courses in healthcare sector abroad are – MBBS, BAMS, BDS, BHMS, BUMS, BPT (Physiotherapy), Nursing (B.Sc./Diploma), Occupational Therapy (B.Sc.), Bachelor of Pharmacy and Pharm D. Advanced PG qualifications etc, This surely boost the chances of landing a job abroad!


The Global Pharmaceutical Industry will considerably see an immense growth by 2020. Especially the production, technology and research sectors of Pharmaceutical Industry will generate numerous job opportunities for Indian Nationals. In India too, job opportunities are sure to increase!

To build a career in this Industry abroad and to find a right job abroad, professional courses such as- Bachelor of Pharmacy, Pharm D, M Pharmacy etc.are very good options.


This is a great field and you can expect a lot from this field. It is a demanding sector and free from any kind of recession. Courses such as Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Architecture help you build a great career abroad in this sector.


Middle-East Nations are the prime job providers in terms of Energy. With the right kind of educational qualification, one will surely be able to land in a high salary job!.Nations producing Oil and Natural gas will generate and is still generating many job opportunities for Indian nationals. Typically job revolves around refinery, oil and natural gas extraction and processing, its transportation etc. and these jobs can provide a high salary package. The courses which can help you build a career in this sector are- Petroleum Engineering,Fire and Safety Technology, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering.


Due to an increase in World population, Food production and it’s proper supply has become a challenge. Agricultural Sciences is a field that we all look up to and Research and Development sector is growing at a fast pace when it comes to solving this issue.

Useful courses, which helps build a career in this sector are- B.Sc. Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Information Technology, Food Processing and Technology, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. Doing advanced PG courses can boost your chances of finding a good job abroad.


Courses that will help one build a career in this sector are- B.Sc. Biotechnology, B.E./B.Tech. Biotechnology and Biology (Pure Science). Advanced courses like M.E./M.Tech. and M.Sc. could boost your chances of finding job abroad.


The R&D sector that is associated with this field is quite lucrative.Bioinformatics field does consist of important tasks like Genome Analysis, developing Bioinformatics Software, Bioinformatics Database and Graphics.

Popular Courses in this field are: Biology (Pure Science), Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. Usually if we see  Bioinformatics course is available in the form of PG course only. For example- M.Sc. course. So it would be good to study a Bachelor’s Degree course initially and then get a specialization in the field of Bioinformatics through a PG course!


Companies and Industries want to recruit skilled and talented professionals. But since the remuneration of such professionals is too hefty, companies give extra attention towards sharpening the skills and training of their existing employees. That is how, job opportunities associated with the field of HR Management and training has started increasing!!A relevant MBA Degree in  (HR) will be of great help if you want to build a career in this field.


Financial Services areas like Asset Management, Broking and Investment Management, Banking and Insurance are all good in demand. Qualified Indian professionals are roped in by Financial Service Institutions from USA and Europe!

Popular Courses to pursue to build a career in this sector are- relevant MBA Degree (Finance, International Business, Banking), Diploma in Banking and Finance, Economics (Bachelor’s and PG course) etc.


Due to a rise in population, demand for goods increase and thus Retail sector caters to most of this demand. In Europe and Western Countries, Indians professionals stand a good chance to get recruited, as industry requires skilled manpower to cater to these needs.

So guys you will have plenty of opportunities overseas for more information and looking for more opportunities kindly visit our blog.

Top 10 Courses for Studies Abroad after 12th Indian Students

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