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If you are keen towards writing and passionate for writing books, novels and song. then writing is one of the bets career option to you. to enhance your career and fill it with joy.  Whether you are an experienced writer or just setting out, marshalling your muse can be tough. If you are unsure how to get started or get into the writing flow, this is a nurturing environment in which to find your voice, capture your ideas or overcome a writer’s block.

Here its some points the require you to become best content and starting with the good writer.

Exercises for creativity – enjoy the writing process
• Accessing your ideas
• Getting started, keeping going, taking stock
• Getting into a creative state for writing
• How to overcome obstacles and switch off your inner critic
• Painting and dancing with words
• Visualisations – the magic of imagery and metaphor
• Finding your unique voice
• Becoming the hero of your writer’s journey

Tips for writing – build and develop a toolbox
• What makes good story – how to shape your book
• Creating narrative drive and keep those pages turning
• Setting goals and a writing schedule to suit your life
• Structuring your book – the benefits of a chapter breakdown
• Moving from concept to final draft
• Plot, empathetic characters, dialogue, description
• Modelling on successful strategies

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writer careerwriting career

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