Five things you need to struggle for while studying Abroad

If you are planning for study abroad, then study abroad is not a simple task. You need to compromise with many things. Many students return in mid and they don’t even complete their education in abroad just because of they couldn’t adjust abroad. While taking education you need to live away from your home and need to manage yourself in different culture, different surrounding. Following five points are things you need to struggle for while studying Abroad.

  • Food : Food AbroadIndian students mainly eat Rajma, Samosa, Dosa, Idli, Indian omelette, Parotta, Sambar, Uttapam, Vada, Gobhi Aloo, Baigan bharta, Butter Chicken, Chana masala, Chapathi, Daal Puri, Dum Aloo, Poha, Gajar ka Halwa, Kachori, Palak Paneer. These food items are the favorite dishes of Indian students. But if you are studying in Australia, USA, UK you will not get these food items anywhere abroad. Students has to manage with western food options like Hot Dogs, French Fries, Orio Cookies, Pizza, Soft Drinks, Donuts, Burger Etc. you will not get your special food in abroad countries, so you have to sacrifice your country food here.
  • Language: Langauge AbroadLanguage is one of the serious concerns for Indian students abroad. In India we use Hindi or any regional language mostly. But in case you are living abroad you have to communicate with their language. Local people of that country will not communicate with you if you talk in Hindi or any Indian regional language. That’s why students struggle with language.
  • Shelter: Living cost in abroad countries is more as compare to India. To book one single room you have to pay triple or four times of India. Even you are living in hotel you need to pay more as compare to Indian hotel rooms. Searching rooms for living you need to show strong reference.
  • Health: Medical facilities in abroad countries are much better than India. But the thing is just because of changes in weather and food you have to struggle with health issues as well.
  • Money: as living, food, travelling is expensive in abroad country you need to manage your money in proper way and every time you need to call your parents and sponsor for money aid.

Above five points students mainly struggle when they are studying abroad. All above facilities are easily available to student when they study in own country but in new place and new country students have to manage their own which is very challenging for students. In some cases students rerun back home when they unable to manage above five points.

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