Dr Manmohan Singh PhD Grant 2013


international scholarshipsFollowing the statement of the champions of the 2012 version of the scholarship, Upcoming International Management program, performed by St John’s College at the Arlington School is now recognizing programs for the Dr Manmohan Singh PhD Grant 2013.

Initiated in the year 2007, the program had been implemented in identification of success of Dr Manmohan Singh, pm of Indian and an alumnus of the Arlington School. The program is designed to develop future global authority skills in the areas of technological innovation, technological innovation, business economics and social sciences.

From finding maintainable alternatives in product design to handling green house fumes to studying ways of treating melanoma, as was with the last set of college students, the program encourages programs from young college students across various areas. However, programs in aerospace technological innovation and energy research will be regarded with particular interest.

Application and selection
Applicants who secure an offer of entrance at St John’s College will be eligible for the scholarship; so it is advisable for interested applicants to recognize and apply for a suitable course for September/ Oct 2013 acceptance.

The grant programs and choice in Native indian has been triggered by the English Authorities Native indian. Candidates will be elevated to your shortlist from the programs obtained and will be welcomed for personal discussions, which will be held in New Delhi.

Past scholars
The scholars for the  2012-13 prize were Parama Ghoshal, associate lecturer of chemical technological innovation at Jadavpur School, Kolkata, Nishit Srivastava, MS in technological innovation from the Jawarharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Medical Analysis, Bangalore and Sudhir Rama Murthy, research affiliate with the Center for Maintainable Technology at the Native indian Institution of Science, Bangalore. Such as these three scholars of 2012, the program has so far reinforced 16 Native indian students since its beginning.


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