Cost of Education in NewZealand

Study abroad education cost varies on a number of factors,NZ offers a quality English language based education at an affordable price. When compared with other providers, NZ has about a 20% cost advantage over Australia and a 50% cost advantage over the USA and UK. New Zealand provides quality Education and fees is low as compared to Australia, UK and USA. The cost required varies from students to students. This chart will tell you how you should prepare your budget if you are planning to study in NZ .

Particulars Diploma In $ Masters In $
IELTS Coaching 5050 80 5050 80
IELTS Exam Fees 9300 155 9300 155
Tuition Fees per year 8,10,000 13500 11,00,000 14500
Living Cost 6,10,000 10200 6,00,000 13200
Airfare from India to New Zealand 50,000 840 40,000 800
Visa Fees (Including TT service fees) 11,960 200 11,960 200
Total Expenses 14,96,310 25000 17,66,310 256000
Less Part Time Earnings 4,08,000 6900 4,48,000 7000
Net Cost 10,10,310 16830 13,18,310 19830
Nature of Part Time Jobs 20 hrs per week 40 hrs per week during vacations 20 hrs per week 40 hrs per week during vacations
Total money to be spent by student 10 lacks 17000 13 lacks 22600

This is complete analysis for Money(Cost) Required for Higher education in New Zealand.

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