Canadian Student Visa

You may need a study permit to study in Canada as an international student. Only when you’ve been accepted into a Canadian college, university, or other approved educational institution that accepts international students will you be awarded a study permit. Before coming to Canada to study, all international students must get a StudentAuthorization and Visa. The Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations must also be followed by students. Allow at least two months for your visa to be processed under typical circumstances

Canadian Student Visa


The number of international students in Canada is over 250,000, a figure that’s constantly growing.
send the finished application kit to the Canadian High Commission’s immigration office. Please confine mind that each one documents must be originals or photocopies that are notarized and attested by a official, a magistrate, or a Canadian Immigration Officer, and must be amid a reproduction copy and Student Authorization Procedure

Documents required

Completed Student form.
Completed Supplementary Questionnaire for college students and postdoctoral researchers.
Official letter of acceptance from Canadian university, college or Technical Institute.
Certificate of Acceptance from the province of Quebec (Only if you propose to review within the province of Quebec)
TOEFL/IELTS scores if applicable
Passport, valid for a minimum of one year from the planned date of entry to Canada, plus valid passports of any accompanying dependents.
Bank Draft for the applicable visa processing fees

Proof of Funds

Every candidate must show that they need the financial resources to pay college fees, support themselves and any dependents who visit Canada, and pay return transportation costs without working in Canada. Students without dependents, as an example, must show that they need a minimum of $10,000 Cdn in cash, plus the value of tuition for a year, plus the price of transportation to and from Canada. the bottom amount considered appropriate to pay all costs, aside from tuition, for one person for a twelve-month period in Canada is $10,000. Some educational schools demand extra funding; if the local cost of living is on top of the national average, additional expenditures could also be necessary.

After the finished application forms together with the documents are submitted;

Interview- you’ll be required to fulfill with a Canadian Visa Officer for an interview. If this can be the case, you’ll be notified in writing of the interview time and placement.

MEDICAL EXAMINATION – Medical instructions are going to be issued by the Canadian High Commission. A checkup is required of scholars and their dependents.

The Visa and Student Authorization are going to be issued if the coed and accompanying dependents are judged to be in excellent health and there are not any other difficulties with the applying.

Student Partner Program. – the scholar Partners Program (SPP) is an administrative structure developed and executed together with the Association of Canadian Community Colleges in India (ACCC). The visa process is accelerated under this program, allowing students to get a visa in as little as period of time.

After acquiring a study permit, students may have to renew or amend their study permit while studying in Canada.

After graduation, many students value more highly to stay in Canada to measure and work
Unless the foreign national also encompasses a valid instrument or other authorization to stay in Canada, a study permit becomes invalid 90 days after the studies are completed.

Do you want to be told the way to apply for a study permit in Canada? Only after being accepted into a recognized Canadian school, university, or college are you able to apply for a Canadian study permit. There are only some more documents you’ll have once you’ve received the letter of acceptance.

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