Can I work in New Zealand with Australian PR?

If you are a citizen of Australia, you don’t need any kind of visa in moving to New Zealand. In fact, you get the options to work and stay there indefinitely.

The common things between Australia and New Zealand

  1. The visa system of New Zealand is very similar to Australia.
  2. Having a similar language is also the best part.After immigration, you’ll feel at home.
  3. Kiwis share a lot of culture with Australians.

Being a citizen of Australia, if you get a job in New Zealand, you would get your temporary work visa application. Or, they would sponsor you a permanent resident visa to stay and work for an indefinite time, depending on your needs.

Can I work in New Zealand with Australian PRFurthermore, the cost of living is slightly less in New Zealand in comparison to Australia. For instance, Sydney is the 25th most expensive city in the world, according to a survey in 2017. Also, most of the cities in Australia like Wellington, Melbourne, Perth, and Canberra are quite expensive.

How to receive payments?

You can claim your Australian-aged pension in New Zealand. The Kiwis and the Australians share the Social Security Agreement for making payments. Also, you can apply for a New Zealand Super scheme to get your pensions.

Kiwi Saver Schemes

New Zealand Government Pension Scheme helps people to save long-term for retirement. The scheme is called Kiwi Saver and you can maintain your account for regular savings. Also, you can choose the amount to be deducted from your salary and your account grows with the annual amount given by the Government.

Since you are living and working in New Zealand, you are already eligible for the scheme.

Health Care Scheme

  1. New Zealand has both publicly and privately funded health care. To be eligible for publicly funded health care, you need to register with the local Primary Health Organization (PHO).
  2. As you are working in New Zealand, you are eligible for publicly funded health care. Keep in mind that you must have an intention of living there for at least two years.
  3. Being an employer, you are automatically registered with the  PHO.
  4. You are also eligible for accidental benefits of New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Scheme, which is run by the Accidental Compensation Corporation (ACC).
  5. ACC provides medications and treatment fees during accidents, injuries at work, trips or falls at home. Moreover, they also pay to the families in case of accidental death.
  6. ACC cover is deducted from your salary to give benefits under the scheme.

Liable to pay income tax

You are earning in New Zealand. So, it is your duty to pay income tax like the other employees.

You need to apply to an IRD number (Inland Revenue Department) to work in New Zealand. Consequently, you can fill the form online. Failing to get an IRD number, your tax will be deducted at higher rates.

Voting is your right

It is obvious that if you are a citizen of New Zealand and above 18 years, you have the right to vote. Also, you can enroll if you have lived in New Zealand for more than one year or working there permanently.

Given the right of voting doesn’t mean that you are granted to the citizens of New Zealand. In addition, you can only opt for citizenship if you have resided there for a minimum five years.

  1. You even get eligible for accidental benefits of New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Scheme, which is run by the Accidental Compensation Corporation (ACC).

Other facilities

  1. After completion of your three years of service in New Zealand, you are eligible to apply for student loans or the students’ allowance for your children.
  2. As a worker in New Zealand, you can rent or purchase your own house, land or property like the Kiwis. Likewise, no restrictions, extra documents or charges are required by the Australians.
  3. You can enjoy their social gatherings, meetings, festivals and have fun in the most beautiful country in the world.



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