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Doing some valuable courses is very important to gain knowledge whether they are short term or long term courses. Courses would like to be in a proper manner and affordable to all students. Here we are discussing some good short term courses which are conducted abroad. There are  many short term programs that are designed but here we are talking about the best short term courses abroad.

  1. University of Cambridge International Summer Programs:

The University of Cambridge offers a number of short term courses for students across the world. The University of Cambridge is located in the UK.

  • Application deadline: Round the year
  • Course Duration:  4 weeks.

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  1. Study Abroad Internship, University of Sydney:

The University of Sydney offers a study abroad, internship program specially designed to familiar with the Australian environment workplace.

  • Application deadline: During April and July.
  • Course Duration:  6 weeks

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  1. International  Summer Institute for Business Management (ISIBM) at the University of Victoria, British Columbia Summer School, Canada

If anyone is looking for management related courses then ISIBM is the best place to learn. ISIBM is open to undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Application deadline: Beginning of July
  • Course Duration:  4 weeks.


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  1. Automotive and Mobility Studies at RWTH Aachen University International Academy, Germany:

This course is specially designed who is interested in the automotive industry. This program is specially designed for B. SC and B.E students.

  • Application deadline: During April
  • Course Duration:  4 weeks.

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  1. Management in Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

If you are an engineer then this course is best suitable for engineering management related fields.

  • Application deadline: During March
  • Course Duration:  2 weeks.

Below is the link for more info.

  1. Introduction to International Business at the University of California, USA

The course is about the introduction of international business which is operated at the University of California.  This course is best suited for those who want to do international business.

  • Application deadline:  Beginning of July.
  • Course Duration:  6 weeks.

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