Benefits and Risks of MBBS in Abroad

Benefits and Risks of MBBS AbroadAn MBBS degree is considered to be the most valuable and important degrees in INDIA. But the competition is increasing very fast and the number of seats available is less. So students are actually looking to study MBBS from abroad countries. There are various options available for undertaking the MBBS degree abroad, but you have to be very careful in analyzing which will be the most beneficial one in their career in the future.

It is seen that China has been the most favorite destination for the students willing to do MBBS and acquire a foreign degree. There are few other destinations like Ukraine, Georgia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Germany and USA which are also better options for the same.

The basic problem that students in India face for medical is the financial aspect. The cost of getting the Medical Degree in India is way more than that  overseas countries. The driving factor that is pushing students abroad is the fees that Indian Medical Colleges have. The Course costs around 60 less in India, which is around 30 less in abroad countries which includes internship too after completing the course. However the quality of education is not at par and does not train the students as per the requirement. After completing the degree abroad the students have to appear for MCI, which is needed to practice in India, but it becomes difficult for students to clear the exam and their career stops here itself.


MBBs in China is relatively less expensive, but the quality of education that the students are getting into the colleges is not par with other countries. It’s only good if you get the best university or “A” category university so that you can be sure about the education. Students also face problems such as language barriers and also the food due to difference in culture and eating habits. Very less chances of getting a scholarship as well.


The MBBS degree from USA is the most in demand amongst students in the whole world. However, it is little difficult for students to afford the cost of US education. The cost of US education starts from 25 -50 less per year for a medical degree and other expenses too, which makes it around 2 Cr- 4cr. The option for scholarship is also very limited for international students. If the cost is affordable for the aspirant then there is a bright future waiting ahead for them.Ere


An MBBS degree is one of the choices for the Indian students if they wish to study in the UK as the quality and courses are very well reputed there. The applicants should have very high grades and also the cost of living is high approximately 10-15 lacs more than the tuition fees. The approximate tuition fees are 25 less per year and upwards.


MBBS is Russia is also a very good option for the students and is also ranked in the top in the global education. Few colleges even offer free education for economically weak students, but the living expenses can also be a burden for the weaker students. The medical skills and theory has the equal importance like other countries. Indian students must pay for the living expenses, language learning fees, accommodation etc. That may all come with just a budget of INR 10 to 12 Losses. Also, from 2nd year onwards students could work for 20 hours weekly with the average wage which can only help them at their expense.


Georgia is mainly into medical studies and is the best option for medical aspirants. The study is much respected, but the applicants should have very high scores in science. The scholarship is not that easy for Indian students rather it’s impossible only. The expense of living is also low, and students must pay around INR 3 to 4 Less in a year as well as the tuition cost of around INR 3.5 Lacs in a year upwards.

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