Bad habits adopted by students while studying Abroad

Bad habits adopted by students while studying Abroad

Bad habits adopted by students while studying Abroad

With new world and new surrounding many Indian students who are studying abroad are exposed to  many bad habits. Unintentionally, students use wrong ways and finally end up hurting their body with many bad habits. Here according to analysis and surveys carried out for Indian International students over the world, many students are addicted with following wrong Habits.

  • Smoking: After going abroad routine habit of students like food, their life style and language changes. it becomes difficult for many students to adjust in such environment in turn in this pressure they take wrong ways. and starts smoking which after some time becomes a style of Indian students but surely take them to a wrong path.
  • Drinking: With new group of friends, drinking becomes fun activity for  students in abroad.  70% student’s starts drinking once they reach abroad. Little they do know that they have started injuring their health at a very young age.
  • Food: Fast paced life  leads to food which is easy and fast. Students start taking Fast Food in excess. Junk food becomes a part of their life as they do not have much of choice inspite of knowing that it is not healthy.
  • Culture: Students do not comparatively are attached to  their culture. We can find these changes once student come back to motherland. Students forget respect and values of relationship.
  • Bad Friend Circle: This is not new, as human tendency we can easily accept bad things first and hard to accept right. Many  students waste their time with wrong friend circle.
  • Sexual Involvement: According to Analysis done many students do get involved in wrong sexual activities.

Above are some of the bad habits adopted by  students while studying abroad.

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