Australia makes it tougher to become its citizen. The facts and what are its probable solutions.

The Australian Government proposed tougher rules for migrants to live in Australia. Australia has abolished the 457 temporary visas for migrants.  With Visa 457, the organization in Australia sponsor skilled workers to work there. Also, 457 visas are temporary visas for foreigners. The title of the visa was changed to temporary work (skilled) visa on 24 November 2012.

Recently, on 18th April 2017, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the new 457 visa rules for foreign workers. The new visa that would soon commence would better target skills shortages and set new standards for English language proficiency.

Also, there is an introduction of requirements for previous work experience and labor market testing before businesses could hire foreign workers.
Australia makes it tougher to become its citizen. The facts and what are its probable solutions.

Reasons for changes in immigration rules in Australia

The change in visa regime is for the Australians to get first preference on the skilled jobs. Australia with the abolishment of  457 visas used by over 95,000 migrants. It consists of a majority of Indian workers. Hence, the country will replace the temporary visa with the new reforms to deal with unemployment in Australia.

Citizenship in Australia

Have you got a job in Australia? Or planning to start work with someone there?  To be eligible for the citizenship, you must have completed your four years in Australia before applying.

Also, you must commit to accepting the Australian values as other citizens do.

The Australian Prime Minister Turnbull said that citizenship would only be granted to the person who is strongly devoted to the country’s laws and support Australian values. Likewise, he wants migrants to work hard and contribute to making a better Australia.

Under the new reforms of Australian values, criminal activity, including family violence is an offense. Also, these are against the rules.

English Proficiency test

Foreigners are now required to pass a tougher English language test.  This test involves reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Also, Australian citizenship Minister Alan Tudge introduced the idea of toughening English language tests. Due to the decreasing standard of English language skills and lower integration rates, the multicultural model of Australia is at risk, he added.

English test will stand focuses on respect for women and children, child marriage and domestic violence.  The questions would be about the ethical values of Australians. Hence, the test can be tough for non-native English speakers like Indians. Furthermore, you have restrictions to three times for English Skill test as an applicant for the citizenship of Australia.

Mandatory Criminal check

As an applicant, you need to undergo mandatory criminal checks as part of the Application.

A probable solution to work in Australia

  1. To get a working visa and citizenship of Australia, 457 visas (modified) will give workers 60 days to find a new job, as it was 90 days by the old rules. So, you need to be professional and expertise in your work. Also, you must develop the skills to pass the English skill test.
  2. The new rule reveals that it would be difficult for migrants to get low skilled or entry-level jobs. Even low skilled Australians deserve the job in their own country.
  3. To get a job with a company or organization in Australia, be expertise in your skills. Also, this will reduce the racism between the workers. The least salary under 457 visas for the temporary worker is $53,900. Since there is no change in this figure, means that they want more skilled migrants in the same wages.
  4. You can apply for a visa on the website of the Department of Home Affairs. Unlike particular places, if you are willing to work in regional Australia, you can increase the chances of getting hired. Also, it would help you get the citizenship.

After the permanent residency of 4 years, pass the Australian English language test. And you are eligible to apply for the citizenship. Now, once achieved the goals, you have the right to vote and work for the public services. You can apply for a passport, travel freely and educate your children.

The Citizenship ceremonies are organized regularly on The Australia Day.

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