Applying for MS in France

France is leading country in education. So the process for selecting students for the courses can be intensive and vigorous. Anyone with an equivalent and valid graduate degree can apply for master’s course in France, though different universities can set different criteria for their selection process.



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The admission process may involve:

Interview: interview according to the course requirement and other competitive process are common in the French education system. As there is limited number of seats, the competition for each seat is high and each level of selection process may be an elimination round.

Competitive exams: you may be required to give exams such as GMAT, GRE as commanded by different universities. Some universities have their own exam for selection process. You are also need to prove your proficiency in English language by submitting a proof of it.

Academics: you need to update your academic with other valid certificates. They are asked by the universities at the time of decision.


When to apply:

The application deadline for master’s degree is around end of January to be specific its 31st January. If you have not completed your graduation, do not worry. You can still apply. Universities also accept projected score. But other universities date can vary and you must check them on their university website.


French is the major language in France and most universities opt this for communication in universities. For French courses you need to prove your proficiency by giving tests like DELF and the DALF. You must pass this test with acceptable score. While applying for English courses you are also required to prove your proficiency in English if English is not your first language.  A basic knowledge of French will help you to survive and communicate in the country. Moreover French is an international language, having knowledge of it will certainly build your CV.


Visa application:

If you are from other European countries you will not require a visa because France maintains an open border with all its neighbors. Other than European countries you are required to apply for visa. There are two ways in which you can apply for visa.

Campus France:  if your country is from the limited 33 countries which have Campus France office then you can apply for your visa via their online website.

French consulates: if your country does not have a Campus France then you must search for French embassies and consulates and apply for VLS-TS extended stay student visa with residency permit.


Requirements for visa application:

  • You must have a valid passport
  • Acceptance letter from universities, which must have your length of your course.
  • The French government requires you to submit a financial proof. It also states you must be able to bear expense of up to 615euros per month.
  • You also require a health insurance.

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