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Are you passionate about an acting career and looking for the best acting schools in Hollywood. This blog consists of the best acting schools in Hollywood, which should give you more wiggle room in terms of choosing which drama school to attend if you live in the world. This blog post will help you get to the best acting schools in the world.

1. Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theatre

Is a world-renowned acting school located in the heart of Hollywood, California? We offer extensive training for the serious actor in theatre, film, and television (on camera). The Stella Adler Technique grew out of Miss Adler’s personal work with Konstantin Stanislavski, the father of modern acting. After a long and successful career in films and on Broadway, including ten years with the famous “Group Theatre,” Adler opened her New York school in 1949. She taught acting techniques based on her personal work with Konstantine Stanislavski a technique that nurtures the imagination of the actor. After teaching for many years in Los Angeles at various venues, Stella Adler, along with Joanne Linville and Irene Gilbert, founded the Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theatre – Los Angeles in 1985.

Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theatre – Los Angeles is a non-profit arts organization Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theatre – Los Angeles is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to uplifting and enriching our collective humanity through the dramatic arts. Driven by the belief that growth as an actor and growth as a person is the same, our Academy & Theatre provides the tools, training, and discipline to nurture and support actors who are committed not only to the art form but to a life of social engagement. In addition to our teaching center, we offer public programming and extensive community outreach, including free and low-cost performances for thousands of patrons as well as some of the city’s most under-served children, families, and senior citizens.


6773 Hollywood Blvd., 2nd Fl.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 465-4446

2. Michelle Danner’s Los Angeles acting school

Acting in Los Angeles is more than acting techniques or simply taking acting classes. It’s about finding what you really want – more than life and breath itself. The Michelle Danner Acting Studio is an acting school that treats the craft less like a business and more a creation fueled by insight and wonder.

Our  Los Angeles acting school’s philosophy is that artists can draw upon all different acting techniques and form a toolbox of their own, their very own Golden Box. Our actors develop a comprehensive set of acting tools when approaching a role or a scene, whether it be for film, television, or theater.

Michelle Danner’s Los Angeles acting school encompasses the Meisner Technique, Lee Strasberg’s Method, Stella Adler, Stanislavski’s System, Uta Hagen, and the Chekhov technique. Our master teachers are working professionals, who prepare and inspire our students for acting careers with cutting-edge technology. Our acting studio is located in the heart of Los Angeles’ entertainment industry in Santa Monica, CA.


PHONE: 310.392.0815

 3. The New York Film Academy 

The New York Film Academy was founded by veteran producer Jerry Sherlock in 1992, who produced such classics as “The Hunt for the Red October”. Encouraged by friends of his who wanted to send their children to film school, but found the prices too costly, Sherlock designed a school that was not only affordable but more importantly, was founded on the principle of learning by doing.

Inspired by the idea that to learn how to make movies, one must actually make movies, Sherlock and his colleagues designed a truly unique curriculum. Blending a mixture of traditional film school instructors with a new approach, the Academy emphasizes coursework based around students actually going out and shooting films as part of their coursework. Students write, produce, direct, and edit their own original films while also serving as crew members on their fellow classmates’ films to gain extensive on-set experience.


17 Battery Place, New York, NY 10004 United States



NIDA is Australia’s leading institute for education and training in the performing arts.

Our programs respond to the rapidly evolving global arts and culture, environment and encompass a broad range of accredited courses across different disciplines, including graduate degrees, undergraduate degrees and diplomas. We also offer an extensive program of public short courses for adults and children through NIDA Open and our highly successful corporate training program, NIDA Corporate.

NIDA is a powerhouse for the development of Australia’s creative and cultural sector, challenging current thinking and practice and producing graduates who will be innovators and leaders. Our sought-after alumni are working all over the world on stage, on screen, behind the scenes, and leading major events and organizations.

+61 (0) 2 9697 7600
215 Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW 2033, Australia

5. The American Academy of Dramatic Arts

Franklin Haven Sargent, the founder of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, lived a life of remarkable impact. At a young age, the seeds of Sargent’s passion for the arts and education were being planted. His father was a Harvard graduate who served from the heart as a progressive Unitarian minister. His mother balanced the spiritual with the intellectual. She was the founder of Boston’s Radical Club of Chestnut Street, a highly notable literary society that met weekly in their home with authors like Longfellow, Emerson, and Whittier. These exposures brought to light within Sargent a personal understanding of the power of storytelling. By his early teens, his desire was firmly set to challenge society’s conventions and see the world differently.

After graduating from Harvard, Sargent was invited to teach at the university becoming a prominent professor of Speech and Elocution. It was during this time that his in-depth study of ancient drama and theatre began to reveal something both remarkable and troubling. During the late 1800s, the art of human expression in American theatre had been reduced to mostly slapstick and exaggerated vaudevillian performance. Sargent understood that the process and preparation of acting deserved fuller depth in order to truly connect to the heart of a story, the character’s emotion, and ultimately the audience. He wanted to open a school to provide the education necessary to transform the trade of acting into a respected craft.



6. A.C.T

Founded in 1965 by William Ball, A.C.T. opened its first San Francisco season at The Geary Theater in 1967. In the 1970s, A.C.T. solidified its national and international reputation, winning a Tony Award for outstanding theater performance and training in 1979. During the past four decades, more than 320 A.C.T. productions have been performed to a combined audience of seven million people; today, A.C.T.’s performance, education, and outreach programs annually reach more than 250,000 people in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1996, A.C.T.’s efforts to develop creative talent for the theater were recognized with the prestigious Jujamcyn Theaters Award.

Today A.C.T. is internationally recognized for its groundbreaking productions of classical works and bold explorations of contemporary playwriting. Since the reopening of The Geary Theater in 1996, A.C.T. has enjoyed a remarkable period of audience expansion and renewed financial stability. The company continues to produce challenging theater in the rich context of symposia, audience discussions, and community interaction.


The Geary Theater
405 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA


Performing Arts and Musical Theatre are Italia Conti’s internationally acclaimed programs, providing practical training and instruction in all aspects of the entertainment industry. Our training directly addresses the competitive demands of today’s industry and prepares professionals with a broad, in-depth background. Students actively participate in a supportive, professional environment, taught by leading experts and artists currently working in today’s theatre business.

Founded in 1911, Italia Conti is the world’s most prestigious Performing Arts education program for Further Education and Secondary School level. Students attend an intense five-day-a-week training program in which vocational training, focused on the key disciplines, of Acting, Dance, Singing, Voice, and the many facets of each, as well as the critical life skills necessary to prepare them to work in the professional world of entertainment. Emphasis is not only placed on the individual art forms but also on the collaborative process and the collective creation of Theatre Arts


Italia Conti House, 23, Goswell Road, Barbican, London, EC1M 7AJ

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