50 Sample Visa Interview Questions about you

Visa Interview Questions1

Read 50 Sample Visa Interview Questions about you which you have to answer during your F1 Visa Round. after reviewing below questions you can easily prepare for your Interview.

  1. Which Unis did U apply to?
  2. Why the specified Uni.
  3. Where did U Undergraduate?
  5. What does Ur father do?
  6. Who is sponsoring U?
  7. How many brothers and sisters do U have?
  8. What is Ur father’s Income?
  9. What will U do after completing MS?
  10. Do U have any relatives in USA?
  11. Why Study in USA.
  12. Show Ur Experience Certificate.
  13. Why haven’t U got any scholarship?
  14. Did U got any Scholarships?
  15. Show Ur Pass Books/Bank statements.
  16. Have U got any Loans?
  17. Parents retired? Then how will they pay?
  18. What is Ur Undergraduate GPA/Percentage?
  19. Mention some professor names
  20. Tell about Ur Uni.
  21. Where did Ur brother/parents complete their studies?
  22. Tell me how can U prove that U are going to come back?
  23. Have U ever been to US?
  24. Why are U leaving Ur current job?
  25. U have so…brothers and sisters so Ur fathers saving are for all, Then how will he/ U finance?
  26. What will U do after coming back to Home?
  27. Do U know anyone (in USA) / in Ur Uni?
  28. Where do Ur parents live (If they live in USA)?
  29. Will U come back to home during summers?
  30. What will U do if Ur Visa is rejected?
  31. Why do U wish to study in the US and not in India?
  32. If U have changed field of specialization, (for ex. If U are BE Mechanical and opting for MS in computer science) then what brought about the change?
  33. What do U think? Why Uni is giving Scholarship to U…
  34. What do U plan to study at the Uni?
  35. What steps have U taken to ensure that U will be able to perform well in the new field U wish to change to?
  36. Which Unis accepted U?
  37. How many Unis did U apply for?
  38. What are Ur plans after graduation?
  39. Why did U select this particular Uni?
  40. Do U have a brother / sister, or any other relative already at this Uni? In some cases VO’s have asked questions like
  41. How will U finance Ur education funds for 2 years or 3 years
  42. What are Ur hobbies?
  43. Tell me about Urself?
  44. Where do U plan to be in 5 years from now?
  45. What does success mean to U?
  46. What are Ur strengths?
  47. Tell about Ur achievements?
  48. How did U prepare for this interview?
  49. What are Ur weaknesses?
  50. Describe Ur dream career?
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