Last five minutes tips for Prep for SAT Test Day

As a student, feeling last-minute jitters are quite normal, especially before taking part in an important school event. These rather stressful events include taking an exam.

Last five minutes  tips  for  Prep for SAT Test Day
If you will be taking the SAT soon, you will undoubtedly feel more nervous as the countdown to the big day winds down. Even if you have attended your SAT test prep classes religiously and did a lot of studying on your own time, you can’t help but worry about a lot of things on the day before the test day, which, of course, includes getting a high score.

Feeling calm and well-rested the day before the exam is crucial. You need to put your mind at ease and be fully ready for the intense brainwork and other activities that will take place during the SAT exam. You can do this by following these helpful five last-minute SAT prep tips:

1. Know where the Testing Center is

If you only know the address of your testing center, but don’t have any idea where exactly it is and how to get there, take the time to do this now.

Ask a parent to drive or accompany you to the testing center. Remember the route and take note of the travel time. By doing so, you will know the ideal time to leave your home that will allow you to arrive at the testing center way ahead of your test schedule.

Knowing you won’t be late for your exam will go a long way in helping you feel more relaxed and prepared for the test. And you can do this by scouting the venue and planning your pre-exam travel time before the actual test day.

2. Prepare your Bag

Make sure you have everything you need for test day in your bag. These must-have items should include:

● Several sharpened No. 2 pencils and a sharpener or mechanical No. 2 pencils plus refills

● Erasers

● Your calculator (replace the old batteries and test it to ensure it is working properly)

● School ID

● ID-sized photos

● Printed testing ticket

● A watch

● One or two bottles of drinking water

● Snacks (granola bars, nuts, and any protein-rich brain foods are the best) to munch on during breaks

3. Relax
Cramming is something that you should avoid doing on the day before test day. This is because the SAT tests your capability to reason and not memorize facts. If you have practiced extensively at your SAT review and learning center, you will be as prepared as you can ever be to do your best on the exam.

Aside from reading a book, listening to your favorite soothing music, or simply doing nothing to relax on the day before the exam, take a walk. This simple exercise will give your brain a much-needed workout. It will also help you manage your stress and sleep better come bedtime.

You can also watch your favorite TV shows or a movie or two. However, make sure you turn off the TV, your monitor, and other devices two to three hours before bedtime to avoid having difficulties sleeping.

4. Eat Healthily and Stay Hydrated
Try to eat lots of fruits and nuts while you’re reading or watching TV. During meal times, fill up on healthy carbohydrates such as whole grain pasta and bread and lean proteins. Try to eat more vegetables as well.

Make sure you load up on healthy proteins and fats at dinnertime as well. Fish and other types of seafood are highly recommended since they have a lot of brain-boosting benefits.

Lastly, don’t forget to drink plenty of water and fresh juices or smoothies, too. But avoid drinking at least two hours before you go to sleep so that you won’t wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Waking up at midnight will cause you to feel tired the next day, which, in turn, can affect your concentration and memory.

5. Sleep Early
Finally, go to bed earlier than usual, if possible. Aim to get at least eight hours of sleep.

By doing so, you will give your brain and body enough rest. And when both are well-rested, your brain will work better and you will have an easier time remembering and understanding things during the exam.

Getting enough sleep will also help you manage your anxieties which will help improve your concentration and recall.

To be 100% certain you are in tip-top condition to take and ace the SAT test, don’t forget to follow the tips above.

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