Why Study Electrical Engineering Course in USA


The United States of America (USA) welcomes the most number of international students in the world because of its Quality education, unique curriculum, multicultural environment and abundant opportunities it provides and this is the major reason why many Indian students want to study in the US even though it is a costly affair.

Top Universities of Electrical Engineering in USA

Here are the top universities in USA offering programs in electrical engineering, duration time and their fee structure.

QS Ranking 2020 University Program Offered & Duration Total Program Fees (USD)
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology M.B.A + Master in Electrical Engineering and            148,400

Computer Science; Duration– 2 years

2 Stanford University MS Electrical Engineering;                                           111,810

Duration – 2 years

3 University of California – Berkeley MEng Electrical Engineering and                                  55,755

Computer Sciences;  Duration-1 year

4 California Institute of Technology MS Electrical Engineering;                                             52,506

 Duration– 1 year

5 Georgia Institute of Technology MS Electrical and Computer Engineering;                     42,690

Duration– 1 year

6 University of California Los Angeles MS Electrical Engineering and

Computer Engineering; Duration-2 years                       65,336

7 Carnegie Mellon University MS Electrical and Computer Engineering;                       75,150

Duration-1.5 years

8 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign MS Electrical and Computer Engineering:                      80,814;

Duration-1.5 years;

MEng Electrical and Computer Engineering:                   53,876

Duration– 1 year



9 Princeton University MEng in Electrical Engineering;                                       51,870

Duration-1 year

10 Purdue University MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering:                   29,918

 Duration-1 year



The USA boasts  over 345 universities approved by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), the national organization that makes sure that there is standard competently among Engineering colleges and is ranked top in most areas of Engineering and Technology, including research in both of these fields. Students who wish to study Engineering in U.S. will have access to the most advanced technology and resources and might even get the chance to meet and work along with leading professionals in the Electrical Engineering field.

Students who are currently pursuing undergraduate programs with Electrical Engineering work with NASA’s Research Centre. Not only this, students graduating have immense job opportunities as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for electrical engineers shows a 3% predicted increase between 2019 and 2029.

Eligibility and Requirement for USA

International students wanting to study Masters in electrical Engineering are required to have a 3 to 4-years of Bachelor’s degree in the same or related field. To get admission to one of the top universities of the USA offering this course, one must have given GRE or GMAT exam too. Since the curriculum is in English, students are required to demonstrate proficiency in English if their country’s first language is not English with an overall band of 6.5 with no bands less than 6.

Additional Requirement: Apart from GRE/GMAT score and IELTS scores, students are required to submit a statement of purpose (SOP), Letters of recommendation (LOR) from professors or employers, CV and work experience or internship certificate.

Requirement of Visa for International Students: International students interested in pursuing a full-time academic course must apply for an F-1 student visa in the USA.

Following documents are required for the same:

  • A valid passport
  • Form DS-160 (Non-immigrant visa application confirmation page)
  • Application fee payment Receipt
  • Form I-20
  • Proof of financial support

Expenses of Studying in Electrical Engineering in USA: studying in USA can be divided into 3 categories – pre-arrival cost, tuition fees, and living expenses.

Pre-arrival Expenses: Pre-arrival costs are the one-time charges that includes visa fees, flight tickets, application fees, registration fees the total cost may add up to 2,895 USD

Tuition Fees of the course Electrical Engineering in USA

Average tuition fees of universities for international students wanting to study Masters in Electrical Engineering in USA ranges between 29,900 USD to 77,500 USD per annum.

Living Cost: Estimated living cost in US is around $10000 to $12000 per year, which averages around $700 to $1000 per month. Expenses include room, and board, food, travel, textbooks, uniform and entertainment expenses.

Scope after Electrical Engineering in USA:

So all the expenses that you have put in to graduate from the university can be paid off well … Why??

Because… The average presumed salary of an electrical engineer in the USA between 48,600 USD to 136,000 USD .People working in this field can also observe an annual increment of 11% every 17 months.

  • Some of the Metropolitan cities like San Jose, Washington, Seattle, and San Francisco are some of the top-paying cities
  • Industries like power generation, architecture, communication, and manufacturing are some of the industries in this country with the highest number of electrical engineers.






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