Total Cost For Bachelors program in United States(USA)

In United States Bachelors program is of four Years. Fees also vary year-wise. For any students going to USA for bachelors program must need to arrange proper funds for completion of Education. In this section we will study the cost require for students who willing to peruse his /her bachelors in USA. The cost require for education is in accordance of living and other expenses. To get some amount in return you can join the part-time work in USA. Read the table given below it is about Education and living for student’s going USA for bachelor’s program.

Tuition Fees (1 year) (Rs.)




Living Cost (1 year) 4,50,000Rs 7,573$
Total 15,50,000Rs 25,045$
Less Part Time Earnings

(On Campus employment for

1st year/ Off Campus /

CPT from 2nd yr onwards)

5,50,000Rs 9,591$
Net Cost 10,50,000Rs 14,454$
Assistantship/Scholarships Yes
Nature of Part Time Jobs On campus 20

hrs each week

Money to be spent by


7,50,000Rs 14,454$
Total Cost require is  ~10,00,000Rs  ~16,000$

10, 00,000Rs require for 1yr of Bachelors program. As we know in USA Bachelors is of 4 years. So total cost will be 40, 00,000Rs. This amount is not same for all students will pursue bachelors in USA. Amount changes according to the expenses of students. But for any normal and good living this amount is must require in USA.

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