Top Courses to Study in New Zealand for Getting Jobs and Post-Study Work Opportunities.


Top Courses to Study in New Zealand for Getting Jobs and Post-Study Work Opportunities.People from around the world pick New Zealand for professional improvement, educational progression, and business openings. New Zealand is a regularly overlooked market, but is a blasting one for any enterprising business person and is outfitted with worldwide openings, world markets, and social improvement. It is also developing the area for media and social relations and has as of late become a highly looked for after goal for experts.

There are a variety of courses in New Zealand in the scope of industries including data innovation, sociology, business, healthcare services organization, speculation, financial aspects, and others. Courses in New Zealand are regularly offered related to degree programs, certificate programs or expert development courses. There are planning alternatives for courses in New Zealand to meet the issues of most students and these include online courses, distance learning, and study hall education.

Top courses to examine in New Zealand:

Upwards of eight universities in New Zealand made it to the 2015 rundown of top 500 world universities by QS, with the University of Auckland stands out at the 82nd position. Moreover, the country is likewise home to 20 institutes of innovation and polytechnics, where students can sharpen their professional skills. These institutes offer professional courses crosswise over the  various controls at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

So it is just normal that New Zealand includes strongly on a student’s mind when he is considering seeking the advanced education abroad. In fact, many need to think about the top courses to study in New Zealand as each university has some pet subjects that are more sought after and offer better chances.

Increasingly more global students heading New Zealand for higher studies

The number of international students traveling to New Zealand to seek after higher studies higher  has bounced in the previous scarcely any years. As of now, the nation is home to more than 46,000 worldwide students, a sign that the academic condition in the nation is helpful while the academic, educational plan is designed with a state of harmony with the current job market.

Master of Business Administration:

Master of Business Administration best the rundown of courses to study in New Zealand. It is on the grounds that there aren’t numerous degrees that can rival an MBA degree with regards to giving your profession a definitive edge. Comprehensively positioned 211 in the rundown of top universities, the University of Canterbury has been producing graduates in the hundreds who have proceeded to make spectacular progress in public and private divisions in New Zealand and over the world.

The MBA program at the university is licensed by the London-based Association of MBAs (AMBA), which gives students surety of high teaching benchmarks and access to quality assets.

The business course, more explicitly MBA centers on teaching the students to think basically, analyze, recognize issues and come up with workable and innovative answers for the equivalent. Here the students will be presented to different exercises and occasions not confined to the four walls of a study hall, which will give the students for all intents and purposes understanding of the business world.

Eligibility Criteria: A bachelor’s degree is a fundamental requirement. Students also need to submit scores of IELTS/PTE/TOEFL to demonstrate their English language proficiency. Also, unlike different courses, work experience is given a lot of weight age in the admission process for MBA programs with universities, for the most part, demanding least 3-5 years involvement with administrative, expert or leadership roles.

Master of Professional Accounting:

The Master of Professional Accounting degree is a course that causes hopeful bookkeeping experts to secure these special skills. The degree is highly esteemed by students since they are guaranteed decent salaries and adequate development openings. Profession openings include Chartered Accountant, Tax Specialist, Business Consultant, and Management Accountant. Furthermore, New Zealand, with its huge number of world-class universities, is a great fascination for worldwide students.

Eligibility Criteria: Most of the listed universities request that students total their bachelor’s degree with a base B grade or equivalent. Students also need to submit scores of IELTS/PTE/TOEFL as evidence of their English proficiency.


The appeal of engineering has wouldn’t fade away and keeps on being a favorite among students; one reason being specializations like Software Engineering every now and again making to the list of most paid professions. Today there are various universities over the world, offering expert courses over various specializations, however New Zealand with its all-around perceived, cutting edge training facilities, and low-cost structure is giving every one of them a run for their cash.

The small class size is another specialty of engineering courses in the nation as it permits stronger student-teacher bonding and better maintenance of learning. The University of Canterbury has even its own Careers, Internships, and Employment group that encourages you to launch your vocation with your preferred matter – the group assists students with recognizing their core strengths, skills, knowledge, and interests which assume such an essential job in choosing an occupation. Universities in New Zealand give high tech infrastructure to its students and furthermore rich research openings.

Eligibility: Students more likely than not, finished their bachelor’s certification with least B grade or equivalent. A score of tests like IELTS/PTE/TOEFL is likewise required to demonstrate one’s English language proficiency.


Popular specializations: Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering, Construction Management, Earthquake Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical and Process Engineering.

PG Diploma in Agricultural Science:

This specific course shows graduates the better purposes of the Agricultural area alongside the progressions that are occurring. With agriculture being such a fundamental piece of the nation’s economy, it is just well-suited that the course is generally welcomed by the student network the world over. A diploma holder in the subject assumes an important job in such various areas like advertising and technology move, administration, industry, and research in addition to its conventional zones like dairy and sheep farming.

Among the universities offering Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Science in New Zealand, Lincoln University is one of the best spots to earn the diploma, particularly on the grounds that graduate holders are sought after both in New Zealand and abroad.

Regular Eligibility Requirement: The candidate must be a bachelor’s degree holder with least B-grade normal in the 300 level. Students likewise need to show scores of English language proficiency tests like TOEFL/IELTS/PTE.

Master of Tourism:

Master of Tourism courses in New Zealand mix excellent teaching with independent research. Offered by institutes like the University of Otego. All things considered students with a master’s degree from top institutes are easily ready to build up a basic and high-level understanding of the tourism industry division as an industry and social marvel, which encourages them in settling on privilege and smart career decision. The travel industry course offered in New Zealand centers around the hypothetical angle as well as tends to the present happenings in the business and train the students as needs are.

Eligibility: The University of Otego requests that students hold a university entrance qualification before they apply to the master’s program; students likewise need to have finished their bachelor’s certification. English proficiency test scores that are acknowledged by universities in New Zealand include IELTS/TOEFL/PTE.

Hospitality Management:

Alongside industry, Hospitality Management is also a quickly developing industry. The Hospitality Management program in New Zealand empowers students to create workplace skills, gain hands-on industry experience and knowledge, which readies the students to certainly step into reality. Students here will be prepared under highly experienced industry professionals who will give them insights into the business in detail.

Information Technology (IT):

The universities in New Zealand that offer Information Technology give students exceptionally qualified faculty, valuable facilities, helpful types of gear, and significantly more that prompts students’ satisfying learning experience. Students here learn and create numerous proficient and fundamental skills like analytical thinking, problem-solving, creative thinking, and adaptability, time the executives, team coordination, and so forth.

Post Study Work Visa (Open)

The Post Study Work Visa (Open) is a year visa for recent graduates, which enables you to work for any employer in New Zealand and get a job that is relevant to your studies.

  • You have three months after your student visa finishes /applying for the visa (or a half year on the off chance that you have done a Ph.D.).
  • If you get a job relevant to your qualification, you may then apply for a further two-year Post-study work visa (Employer Assisted).
  • Post Study Work Visa (Employer Assisted)
  • If you’re on a Post Study Work Visa (Open) and have been offered all day work in a similar area as their qualification, you might be eligible to apply for the Post Study Work Visa (Employer Assisted). This enables you to work in New Zealand for a particular employer for a further two years.
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