Things that Change when you go to Overseas

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You can say that life can be a little difficult for some time when you actually step in the foreign land, but can give you the best experience in life as you become a transformed person when you independently survive in a country where everything is new for you and every individual is a new face. This challenge in life makes you stronger and gives you the ability to face the world alone.

When the thought of moving abroad comes in your mind it actually gives Goosebumps as we know that the life is going to change entirely. It’s not just a change in the country but everything is going to change.

What things do you think will change once you move out of the country?

Gets Divided into 2

When you move to a new country you experience a total change in the way of their living and your living, language, food etc. You get divided into 2 as one part is there in your own country and the other in the new country. You have two places to which you call our home: the old one there in the native and the new one here in the new country. The 2 languages that you will be dealing with, the 2 currencies that you might be carrying with you etc. This change will be the greatest one that you might face.

Care and Concern

Even if you get everything in the new place or at your doorstep, you might miss something for sure that will be the greatest change in your life. Yes, it is the gift box that your people must have given to you while you were leaving.  The box or the gift received from the dear ones is better than any other thing in the overseas country.

Importance of Friends

Friends are the integral part of your life and they make the life easier and exciting.  You have the bunch of friends from many different places and with different cultures there, but still you will miss the friends back in your own country. How important the friendship is you come to know by the time when you actually away from them.

Different Challenges

It is obvious that the new place and the new environment will be amazing, but still you have to do all those stuff which you never did at your home country. Right from paying your bills to fixing the toilet problems. The responsibilities increases and so the challenges and you have to face all of them alone along with the studies or work whatever you are doing there. People will think everything is so good and sorted but only you will know what all challenges you will be facing, but this would lead to be a stronger and a better person.

Yours Absence doesn’t affect

There are many exciting things that will take place when you are not there in the country. Nothing is going to stop your  friends will get married and some will be having babies and lot of ceremonies will be help and parties would be organized in your absence. There won’t be any effect on the things that are going in your home country in your absence. You may view those special moments on social media and feel them and for achieving something great in life you have to miss few good things in life.

Learn New Things

As you enter the new country you start learning new things which you thought you will do. Learning new languages, seeing new places, learning new culture etc. Understanding the market and getting familiar with the environment is also something that you learn.  You start learning a new language and become familiar with the environment and culture and become a part of the country and totally involve in the surroundings.

A New Home

Sometimes it becomes difficult to say and understand which exactly your home is. The one where you have spent the entire life with the family or the one where you are spending the crucial time and the turning point of your life in building up your career. It takes time to understand how to manage your homesickness and concentrate on your building up your future.

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