Teacher Recruitment: UAE Immigration Guidelines

Teacher Recruitment: UAE Immigration Guidelines

Teacher Recruitment: UAE Immigration GuidelinesIt’s handy for all the prospective candidates to gain a basic understanding of immigration regulations for employment and personal information. This process is required for acquiring all services such as renting a house, telephone connection and also to sponsor your family. In the section that follows, the basic immigration information is outlined. The only legal way to work in the UAE is through an employment visa which is sponsored by the employer.

Step 1: Documents required by the Directorate of Residency Department to issue the initial residency visa

1- Colored and clear passport copy (information page). The passport must be valid for at least 6 months.

2- (3) Colored and clear passport size photos (white background).

3- Copies of the notarized (Marriage Certificate and children’s Birth Certificate)

Step 2: Medical test

All expats are required to undergo a medical test as a part of the Resident visa application process. Health certificate is usually not required while entering UAE. If you enter the country on an employment visa your company would advice you on what should to be done and generally the PRO would guide you on when and where you should be going for the medical test. Medical test is done only at government medical centers. The medical test generally comprises of blood test and X-ray.

Step 3: UAE National ID card (Emirates ID)

The Emirates ID card is mandatory for all UAE nationals. It’s an electronic identification card issued by Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA).

An application form should be filled either through EIDA website or by one of the authorized typing centers. On submission of the form you would be called to collect the biometric details. Remember to carry your original passport and registration form.

This completes your relocation with respect to all necessary legal formalities.

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