Road to Success: Career Benefits of Study Abroad

Nowadays it has become a craze or status symbol to study abroad but as per my point of view a person gets a chance to know themselves actually where he stands in world and  gains confidence. He gets to know people, culture, history about that country and global interaction with others which helps to identify their potential.

It gives you the best opportunity to choose your career when you decide to study abroad. One can understand their calibre while standing globally with others.

You become self independent, self employed. Studies abroad help to build your career. There are lots of people you have studied abroad and have gained fame, name, and money.  For example The Father of Nation  Gandhiji. He studied in abroad and the rest you all know how famous he had become. He worked for people and lived for them. Another names are Dr. Ambedkar, Mr. Ratan Tata who also studied abroad.

Road to Success: Career Benefits of Study Abroad

1. Perceive Your Career:

Studies abroad make a person independent and helps him to explore his interest areas and gives a clarification regarding his ambitions and to pursue a right career path.

Of the students, 70 percent had the positive response that  internship abroad had given a right direction to pursue their career and they had acquired the required skills which  opened them the  doors for the lucrative jobs overseas or in home country.

The business tycoon Mr. Ratan Tata in one of his interviews had said, “Harvard Business School is the pre-eminent place to be exposed to the world’s best thinking on management and leadership.

“As I look back, those 13 weeks were probably the most important 13 weeks of my life. They transformed me and my perspective.

2. Enhance Your Resume with an Internship Abroad:

 Your resume becomes  exciting and impressive when it has specifications mentioned of having a hands on experience of working  with international professionals as an intern in abroad.  Studying abroad in your resume also exhibits that your communication skills are extremely good and fluent. All these qualities adds a gem to your resume and gets you near to your goal of getting lucrative jobs.

3. Find a Job Faster

No doubt,  studies abroad help you to fetch a job faster as  employers are confident that you do have the necessary job skills  which are required to bring a value addition to your career and organization where you have been placed.

According to  a survey of 2012  by IES Abroad , 89% of respondents got their first job within six months of graduation, 95% got a job within one year after graduation, as compared to only 49% of respondents in a recent survey of the general college population who had found work within a year of finishing college.

Along with a quick job money comes easy and much more than other counterparts. Comparatively, recently graduated IES Abroad alumni earned, on average, $7,000 more in their starting salaries in their first jobs.

4. Build Confidence:

A mere thought of  studies abroad, has given you the chance  to step outside the globe as you recognize it and dive into a brand new culture, meet new folks, and live sort of a native over there.  In fact, taking the study abroad leap virtually guarantees that you’ll come back home as a lot of mature, confident and tolerant individual and prepared to require on those job interviews.

After you come back from abroad, your life can never be constant.

The foreign government gives you loan facilities, accommodation facilities are simple and people accept you easily and welcome you warmly. Accommodation there  is very cheap. You can earn while learning, so that you don’t have to depend on your parents and expenses become a bit easy.

Then what are you waiting for!!! Go and grab the opportunity. Study abroad and when you return to your country you return with confidence and achieve your goal and make your family and country proud.

 Hello Study Abroad Life!

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