IELTS:  The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is an international standardised test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers. According to the British Council, if you score a 9 on the exam, you’re an “expert” in English; if you score an 8, you’re “very good” at English; and so on. IELTS scores almost always range from 1 to 9.  IELTS is no more difficult than any other exam. The questions are straightforward and designed to assess how well you can use your English – not to trick you or test your opinions.

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Modern American Vocals

Slang is a very informal language. It can offend people if it is used about other people or outside a…

IELTS Speaking – part -1

1. GENIUS. What is the personality of genius person? What are the sign that someone is a low key genius?…

IELTS Letter Topics 1- Formal

1. Requesting for the information You live in an English speaking country and you want to do some job, as…

IELTS Speaking Part-1 Topics

IELTS Speaking part-1 topics 1.Study Why study is more important in our life? What would happen if studies were not…

Common Spelling Mistakes in English

Spelling is huge concern for my IELTS students. Writing scores are 25% determined by vocabulary, which includes spelling accuracy. Too…
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