Review – Is it good for IELTS Preparation? Review – Is it good for IELTS Preparation?

IELTS Review - Is it good for IELTS Preparation?


Headquartered in Bangalore, India, is one of the fastest developing platforms, offering IELTS education content to help aspirants enhance their skills to a great extent. So whether you wish to begin the abroad journey to pursue higher education or grab a satisfactory, high-paying job, you can rest assured of getting all of the requirements backed up and covered with this platform.


What Does IELTSMaterial Offer?


When it comes to assessing whether IELTSMaterial is a worthy platform for IELTS preparation, the first step should be to evaluate its offerings. Having said that, there is an array of options that you get to choose from.


Live One-On-One Sessions


For those who are looking for individual classes, this option turns out to be extremely helpful. This service comprises 250+ learning hours, plenty of self-study material, 7 full-length practice tests, eBooks and a lot of interactive activities. Above all, you get to learn with experienced, ingenious IELTS trainers daily or on alternative days.


Trainers at IELTSMaterial not just offer classes but also help you in terms of overall improvement. With their guidance, you get to familiarise with your weaknesses and strengths so as to work accordingly.


Moreover, in these sessions, you get sample questions and practice tests to learn about varying test formats and develop required skills to finish the test within the given time period. In case you are not sure of taking up this class, you can also go for a trial option where the professionals conduct a diagnostic test to ascertain your performance.

Plenty of Practice Tests To Go With


All of the courses come backed up by full-length practice tests with a similar format as the real IELTS exam. These tests have been curated to instill confidence, improve test-taking skills, and help you navigate how the IELTS test will look.

Courses To Grab


In case you are looking for a specific course to enhance your IELTS skills, IELTSMaterial has a gamut of courses to offer, designed specifically to cater to a variety of needs. In terms of courses, here is what you can expect:

Complete Self-Paced Courses


If you have been hit with the realization that taking up one course would not be enough for you, at IELTSMaterial, you get to avail comprehensive courses for each of the IELTS modules. On the other hand, if you require a complete preparation pack, you can get a complete Band 8 course.

Comprehensive Band 8 Complete Preparation Course


The comprehensive Band 8 complete preparation course by IELTSMaterial offers more than 20 hours of video learning resources. This pack comprises 5 full-length IELTS practice tests on every section of the exam – Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking. Besides, there is a lot of study material to avail with sample answers and exercises.


Individual Self-Paced Video Courses


Individual self-paced video courses are increasingly becoming popular as they offer in-depth, comprehensive collection of preparation strategies and questions to seamlessly improve skills.

Comprehensive Band 8 Writing/Reading/Listening/Speaking Preparation Course


Under this category, you get several practice exercises, full-length practice tests and video lessons. All of these offerings, together, help you improve the test-taking strategies for every module. You also get an extensive range of learning material, guidance, tips, strategies and much more.




eBooks coming from the basket of IELTSMaterial consists of a variety of real previous years’ IELTS exam questions. These books help comprehend the trends followed in exams and correct approaches to be implemented for different question types. Apart from this, eBooks also offer sample responses that can be taken as references. You can either purchase individual eBooks or a combo according to the requirements.


IELTSMaterial: Standing Apart From The Competitors


Sure, you can find plenty of IELTS preparation portals on the internet. However, unlike others, IELTSMaterial boasts of its credibility and honesty. While others may look at the entire preparation process from the lenses of making profit, this one has, indeed, implemented a user-centric approach.


So, when it comes to making a transparent, non-regrettable choice, going with IELTSMaterial will put you on the profitable side. With plenty of resources available – both free and paid – investing time and efforts into this platform will definitely help you improve the overall band score.



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