How to find cheap accommodation in overseas countries

When we think about overseas studies the first thing that comes in mind is the expenses other than the educational expenses. The things along with the fees that has to be taken care are like the accommodations and food etc.

The biggest hunt that the overseas aspirant does is for the lowest cost of the stay and food. There are various accommodation options which can helpful and at a reasonable cost.

  1. How to find cheap accommodation in overseas countries
    Home stays

It depends on what kind of living space we are looking forward for. If you want to stay with a local family and get closer to the local environment or culture and understand the country better and closer.

The home stay may offer different hosts like a full family or a couple or a parent couple depending on the requirement. A homestay is a good option as it provides you with all the necessities and it can prove to be a great way to get involved in the local language, lifestyle and food.

The home stays may offer you the food and that too at a very reasonable cost and hygienic as well. But one drawback of home stays is that you may lack the freedom and privacy as it is someones house and few rules are as per them. But if taken into consideration the requirement of the cheaper accommodation this is one of the best options.

  1. Sharing apartments

Sharing Apartments can also prove to be a better option as it ought to be cheaper than acquiring a full flat for yourself which can shed a large amount from your pocket monthly.

Your freedom and privacy also stays intact as you have your own room and bathroom which is not needed to be shared with anyone. But sharing a flat with someone may be a little difficult as there are various ups and downs and contradictory views of two different people. The wavelength should match which is the most essential part of staying together. There should not be conflicting personalities as it becomes difficult to stay together. I would strongly suggest to share the flat with a local so that it becomes easier for many of the regular stuffs.

  1. Dormitory

Looking out for a Student dorm or the dormitory is also one of the option which comes with luxury and a very affordable price. You can get a dorm directly from the universities also if it is included in the course or the program that you have opted for or there are various organizations that provide these facilities of the student dorm at a very affordable price. The best part of the students’ dorm is that it comes with a well furnished infrastructure with all the required facilities and an affordable price that helps in reducing the living cost in the overseas country.

  1. Hostels

Hostels are the best choice when it comes to budget, but one of the biggest issues that arises is that you have to share the room with a stranger and from different backgrounds and lifestyle and routines which may prove difficult while adjusting in the initial stage. And the additional facilities like internet and toiletries may be chargeable. But yes, we can say that hostel life gives you good friends with whom we can share our problems and happiness or we can say friends who become the extended families in the overseas country.

It is important to be alert as we are not aware about the person we are staying with. We have to take care of our belongings and valuables. There are few hostels that give the facilities of food along with stay so it becomes easy and affordable as we get everything at the same place which saves time as well as money.

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