How do we track our UK Visa Status

How can we get an update on our UK visa status?

To check our status, we may contact UK Visas and Immigration ((UKVI) the Home Office body in charge of processing visas in the UK). We can ask about the progress of your application but we cannot receive information or advice about our personal circumstances. The phone number for UKVI is 0300 790 6268.

OR for further information

You can call or Contact on 7875433456/7875433666

How can we track the progress of our UK visa status?

It is not easy to track your visa status for your application status. Further, it depends on the country to country and visa application process from the country. still, you can look for the option of contacting VFS. here below we are sharing some tentative ways of Visa Tracking.

We can also use the UKVI online tool at: Using email is often the best option for how to check your UK visa application status, as our email enquiry is more likely to be directed to the caseworker dealing with our particular application.

How To Track our UK Visa Status Online?

Step 1: Visit the link Step 2: One will require any one of the following details handy: Case ID or Case Identification Number: This information is available on all the letters that are received from the Home Office. It is an 8-digit number.

OR Once you have applied for a UK visa, you can easily track your UK visa application status online using the passport number or visa reference number.

How can I Checking your status inside the UK

Information required to check UK visa application status

UK visa application status

Alternatively, you can contact the relevant UKVI department by telephone. The contact centre (0300 123 2241) is available from Monday to Thursday, between 9 am to 4:45 pm, and on Fridays between 9 am to 4:30 pm. You will be able to make enquiries about the status of your application and to track your visa application UK.

To check UK visa application status you required

Payment reference number

Unique Application Number

Case ID (Identification Number

Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) Number

For more information, you can click on


How To Track Your UK Visa Status Online?

How can I track my UK visa using the GWF number?

GWF number is a unique application number issued to the applicant at the time of application submission. While checking the status of your UK visa status via email or telephone, you need to give your GWF number. The UK Visa and Immigration department can’t give you an update on your visa status without a GWF number.

How can I track my UK visa application VFS?

Following are the methods to track your application:

Website: Click here for applications lodged on or after 02 November 2019.

Webchat: Chat Now

Email: Send an email to [email protected]

Helpline Number: +971 4 2055881.

Visit the Visa Application Centre to track your application.

Can I check my visa status online?

To find out the status of your non-immigrant US Visa online, you have to log on to the official website of the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC), Bureau of Consular Affairs, US Department of State.

What do you need to track your visa status?

To see your visa details and conditions you will need information from a travel document such as your passport or ImmiCard.

You will also need one of the following:

a transaction reference number (TRN)

a visa grant number.

a visa evidence number.

Can I speed up my UK Visa Status?

You may be able to pay for a faster decision on a visa or settlement (‘indefinite leave to remain’) application if you’re applying from inside the UK. You can only pay for a faster decision on certain visas.







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