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When you search for the best visa consultant in India on any search engine, plenty of immigration consultants will pop up on the screen claiming to be the best. However, very few of these ‘top’ or ‘best’ consultants are genuine with their claims and offer world-class services that can enable you to fulfill your dream of moving to Canada or other similar countries. Knowing the dilemma you are facing while choosing the right immigrant partner for you, we have come up with one of the most reliable immigration consultants that will lead all the current competitors in the field.

IELTSMaterial Global Immigration Services


Unlike others in the field of immigration, IELTSMaterial GIS, like its counterpart, IELTSMaterial, boasts of its credibility and honesty. What is more important to note is that while its competitors focus their services for the entire migration process from the point of view of profit-making, it follows a user-centric approach. As a result, within a short span of time after its initiation into this field, it has created a niche for itself and won millions of hearts.

Questions may arise about what makes this particular consultant one of the best all over India. Well, to get an answer to this, let us first check the process they follow to enable you to fly to your dream country.

  • The primary step it undertakes is to understand what are your queries or needs through a preliminary counseling session, which you can book for free on their website.
  • It considers the fact that all candidates might not have the time or resources to educate themselves on the various aspects of Canadian immigration. As a result, they provide minute details of the whole process to all candidates, like the various programs they can avail themselves of to migrate, the future possibilities, financial opportunities or difficulties, etc., which is a vital responsibility of all reliable consultants.
  • After they complete these two steps, a detailed evaluation of eligibility is done to get an idea of where you stand and how it can be improved. This proves to be vital before taking further decisions.
  • In the case of countries like Canada, Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is one of the steps the candidate has to go through. So, before submitting the final documents, IELTSMaterial GIS conducts a thorough background check on language proficiency, educational background and job experience, if any, for its satisfaction. This helps to avoid complications and allow improvement.
  • The next important step it follows is to guide the candidate through the process of filling in the application with all the information and documents needed. This helps to motivate the candidate and provide assurance to them on the quality of work and effort it puts in.

Why is IELTSMaterial GIS the best in the country?


In conjunction with its mother company, IELTMaterial, which is the top provider of IELTS preparation service, IELTS Material GIS supports aspiring candidates in their immigration dreams. So, it might have proven its worth in the IELTS field, but doubt might come up about its capability in the field of immigration.

IELTSMaterial GIS might be the best, but you have to make an informed decision because you are the one to put a lot at risk. So, let’s examine what makes it the right choice.

  • All consultants/trainers who will deal with different applicants are certified experts in their fields.

In accordance with the market standard, the trainers and consultants IELTSMaterial GIS provides you with are skilled and certified. Answer all the questions related to immigration to Canada and are kept abreast of all government announcements and notifications from the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Therefore, no complications are created in the application process and the candidate is not prevented from receiving their much-anticipated invitation timely. Moreover, the trainers who are responsible for guiding you are accessible and are very prompt and cooperative with all your queries and provide solutions to your issues.

  • IELTSMaterial GIS follows an explicit billing procedure that adheres to market requirements.

One of the qualities that sets IELTSMaterial GIS apart from all its competitors is that it provides a clear insight of its fee structure of all its courses and other facilities it offers. They do not levy hidden costs later in the process to increase the billing cost. As well as providing details, terms & conditions, and even discussing if you need any customizations to be performed, which might incur charges.

  • GIS organizes various seminars and provides customized courses, which benefits every individual.

At IELTSMaterial GIS, providing quality guidance is considered to be the primary responsibility. As a result, it follows a coordinated, proactive approach. Consequently, they hold different seminars to inform you about different ways to immigrate to Canada, various factors affecting the visa process and regular updates as they consider client feedback an invaluable tool for improving their services.

  • With respect to its competitors, its success rate is quite high.

It is quite surprising how the consultant has already processed around 40k applications and has successfully helped many aspiring applicants to settle in their dream country, Canada. Among the competing consultants, this rate is relatively high and keeps on increasing.

  • IELTSMaterial GIS has also made a name for itself for IELTS preparation, aside from offering top immigration services.

Apart from visa consultation, GIS also provides services like IELTS preparation guidance to improve the CRS score. So, if you are willing to prepare for IELTS and score a high band score in your first attempt or your low IELTS score is affecting your CRS score, you can choose one of their courses that is accompanied by high band score assurance.

So, when it comes to making a transparent, non-regrettable choice, going with IELTSMaterial GIS for your immigration plans will put you on the profitable side. However, it would be best if you do your own research by checking out the IELTSMaterial GIS reviews on social media where various users have shared their experiences. It will not only clear some of your doubts but also might give you enough confidence to book a free consultation with them.


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