Presidio Graduate school

The Presidio school is that the only school within the US that gives a academic degree in Sustainable Management. Presidio may be a collective of artists who believe learning and attempting to shape the planet towards sustainability through the employment of current tools that aid within the development of sustainable business systems. “If you would like to alter the planetmove to Presidio school,” in step with a brand new York Times opinion.

The importance of sustainability issues in resource management, growth planning, and other parts of business makes it a really important and significant aspect of any profession, which is why a degree in Sustainable Management is important.

The course comprises 4 Semesters which gives an overall knowledge of the course.

Presidio Graduate schoolSemester 1

Sustainability Principles

  • Principles in Sustainability
  • Systems Thinking
  • Economics and Society
  • Personal Leadership Development

Semester 2

Business Foundations

  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Financial Systems
  • Leadership  Teams

Semester 3

Concentration and Leadership

Choose a concentration in:-

  • Finance
  • Public Policy
  • Energy
  • Food Systems

Semester 4

Internship and 2nd Concentration Internship

Choose a concentration in:-

  • Finance
  • Public Policy
  • Energy
  • Food Systems

The most important advantage of attending the Presidio Graduate School is the ability to participate in a four-day intense training program at the Island wood Centre on Brain bridge Island, which is set in a lush green landscape surrounded by cedar trees endemic to the US Pacific Northwest. It’s close to Seattle, but it’s a world apart. Along with Island wood, students are required to attend an 8-hour weekly lesson in downtown Seattle. This provides them with a wealth of practical information as well as the opportunity to learn about and participate in the fascinating entrepreneurial culture of this dynamic and globally connected region.

Seattle is a beautiful city with excellent living conditions. One of the main attractions is art and sports. The Pacific region has a strong cuisine culture, thanks to the availability of fisheries and agriculture.

Seattle is the 15th largest metro area in the United States, with a huge population and the best economic output, making it a popular location for business and learning the sustainable management course, which broadens the aspirant’s knowledge.

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