How academic sources can help students

Who are considered as an  academic sources?

Academic sources, also called educational sources,  sources which can include books, academic journal articles, and published expert reports. The content from academic sources has usually been students -reviewed, which means that it’s been reviewed by experts on its topic for accuracy and quality before being published.

Types of sources

  • One of the most reliable sources of information (although not completely reliable) is other journalists. .
  • Primary sources. Often the source is someone at the center of the event or issue. .
  • Written sources.
  • Leaked documents.
  • Secondary sources.
  • Tip-offs.
  • On the record.
  • Non-attributable.

 Why is it important to use academic sources?

Because of the level of authority and credibility noticeable of  educational  sources they contribute a great deal to the overall quality of your papers. Use of academic  sources is an expected attribute of academic course work.

What are good academic sources?

The most common forms of academic source are:

  • Books.
  • Journal articles.
  • Published reports.

Is academic research useful?   

It is the best gadget  to develop or enhance knowledge and to facilitate learning. Academic research conducted by students has been  important not just for students only, rather for the entire academic world. Knowledge is associated with research objectives and findings.

 How do journals help students?

Journaling helps students to be less restrained when expressing themselves. It also gives students time to organize their thoughts and prepare responses, which can give them the extra confidence they need to participate in classroom discussions. Journaling is also a way for teachers to learn more about their students.

What is the purpose of academic journals?

Academic journals serve as permanent and transparent forums for the presentation, survey and discussion of research. They are usually students -reviewed or refereed. Content typically takes the form of articles presenting original research, review articles, and book reviews.

What are the benefits of research to students? 

Conducting research is an important part of the college experience, especially as an undergraduate. It offers you many benefits that include:

  • Fostering critical thinking and analytical skills through hands-on learning
  • Defining academic, career and personal interests
  • Expanding knowledge and understanding of a chosen field outside of the classroom
  • Developing one-on-one connections with distinguished faculty in their field
  • Building community with peers, faculty and organizations on- and off-campus

 What do academic researchers do?

As an academic researcher you’ll apply your expertise and skills developed through study and research. You’ll aim to publish papers on your work with  students -reviewed, well-respected journals and will write reports, books or chapters of books on your specialist area of knowledge.

 How do I find academic sources?

  1. Look for publications from a professional organization.
  2. Use databases such as JSTOR that contain only scholarly sources.
  3. Use databases such as Academic Search Complete or other EBSCO databases that allow you to choose “peer-reviewed journals”.

Why is it important to know about  the sources of information?

Evaluating information sources is an important part of the research process. Not all information is reliable or true, nor will all information be suitable for your paper or project.  Users must be able to acutely evaluate the suitability  of all types of information sources prior to relying on the information.

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